Belo's fingers and Lal's hand

2023-04-25 21:48:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra

Belo's fingers and Lal's hand

A poster of the opposition candidate for the Municipality of Tirana, where Belo shows the middle finger to corruption in Tirana, has provoked reactions from media bodyguards and the "kennel" of left-wing intellectuals.

Comparisons are used completely out of place - an article writer recalled the reactions to the former OSCE ambassador, deliberately confusing the object.

Belo has it with corruption in Tirana, the former ambassador had it with some protesting ladies.

That's why every comparison is lame, but this one has no legs to stand on.

How is it possible that they are not bothered by the rampant corruption that has gripped the country?

How is it possible that they are not bothered by the fact that Albania is in the last place in Europe in the fight against corruption according to Transparency International.

This is what the mayor of Albania, Edi Rama, said 10 years ago.

"In 2013, Albania scored again for the third year in a row the last place, among the countries of the region, in the ranking of the global index of the perception of corruption, thus taking the stamp as the most corrupt country in Europe. Decreases - increases in public perception in 10 The last few years, objectively, coincide with the performed or absent governance reforms. For this reason, the government considers the public's perception of corruption not only as an indicator of its real state (of corruption), but also as a measure of success or the failure of government policies and programs in the fight against corruption"

Where are we today after 10 years?
We are much worse. Albania suffers from corruption and numerous scandals.

They are not impressed by the fact that the citizens of Tirana pay 80,000 euros per day for an incinerator that is not in order even on paper.

They are not impressed by the illegal education tax that goes nowhere.

They are not impressed by the deformation of the law on the homeless - which allows builders not to provide housing for the homeless that the law provides, but they are content to pay lek.

They are not impressed that the construction of a new school in Tirana costs many times compared to the construction of a school in any EU country.

They are not impressed by the concreting of Tirana, but they are worried by Belo's fingers.

They are not impressed by corruption and abuse, but are concerned as "citizens" by the fingers on the poster.

They are not impressed by the total lack of transparency about the municipality's expenses, but they jump as if someone has stung them in the wrong place from a poster.

They are not impressed by Erion's hand in the pockets of the taxpayers of Tirana, but they are impressed and react as if they were stung by a wasp from Belo's fingers.

Well, Belo's fingers point to corruption - the regime's bodyguards point to Belo's finger.

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Two-legged wolf?!

Being in a hurry, I started to "graze" on the Internet...

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Agjërim… digjital

Po sikur të provonim agjërimin digjital? Të shkëputem...

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