Albanians are "informed" on television and vent on social networks

2023-04-24 20:29:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra
 Albanians are "informed" on television and vent on social
Journalist Hysni Gurra

Social media censorship is a global scheme that I doubt we can solve individually and quickly. When this censorship happened to the President of the United States of America, still in office, who claim to be the champion of freedom of expression, these others are nothing.

In Albania, in Tirana specifically, the biggest censorship is when you criticize Erion Veliaj, who is a local offspring of this global system that censors mercilessly.

There are other models of state censorship made by Putin, Xi, Vucic, Erdogan, etc., heads of state who rule their countries with an iron hand, and Erion Veliaj is no stranger to this family of enemies of free speech.

Even Erion is even worse because it is second in Albania, it is not first like them.

However, what is more important in Tirana is the censorship of Veliaj's direct rival, Belind Këlliç, by the national and non-national media.

It is unprecedented censorship that national televisions or not, request official documents from an educational institution to attack Kelliçi, and both on TV and on their websites they censor the document they themselves requested. They take it out of context and neither refute nor apologize for it.

It is strange, but prudent, that the biggest manipulator in Albania remains television. So how does it happen, Albanians are the most politically engaged in social networks, they make political comments, but after being manipulated by television.

They are "informed" on television and vent on social networks.

According to Eurostat, only 46% of Internet users read online news and magazines, the lowest percentage in Europe and well below the European average of 64%.

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