Belo's fingers and Erion's iron fists

2023-04-26 13:03:00, Opinione Gjergji Koja
Belo's fingers and Erion's iron fists
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A day ago, a poster was published showing the opposition candidate, Belind Kelliçi, with his middle fingers up against corruption. The poster was followed by many reactions against the gesture, which is interpreted as an insult to the city.

Belindi or his staff could have found another anti-corruption symbolism, for example a pair of handcuffs, but there would still be backlash. It's just that critics today would not deal with fingers, but with handcuffs.

So the thumbs-up critics would find a reason again, since they don't have it with the gesture, but with the candidate, in this case Belind Këlliçin.

Today's moralists are the same ones who previously defended Edi Rama or Bernd Borchardt, when each of them pointed the finger at the public. The gesture is the same as that of Kelliç, but in the case of Rama or the former OSCE ambassador, an excuse has always been found. Action is treated as a momentary reaction to created situations.

Years ago, photos were published of Erion Veliaj and his friends, who today are in the dome of the Municipality of Tirana at the MJAFT parties, dressed as transvestites.

You can find the photos even today with a simple google search. None of today's moralists were shocked by these pictures, they even considered them a "trend".

The same moralists were not shocked even when Erion Veliaj called Albanian men zdromsa, an expression that took him a few television shows to clarify, even going so far as to admit that he himself was a zdromsa, since he did not work at home.

They were not affected even when Erion Veliaj told us that he had bought iron and since he had this privilege he would win the battles with Armando Duka of the FSF. On the contrary, those who today have been so shaken by Belo's fingers, felt happy that Erjon was showing the people how much his "assets" would ring if someone confronted him.

If you go back to that speech that Veliaj gave, at the time of the clash with the FFL, you will hear other wonders from the former "trendy" boy, but which surprisingly do not shock the moralists.

Belindi could have avoided the debate of the last 24 hours on his fingers, but the direction of the reactions would not have stopped even if the candidate of "Bashke Fitomje" had simply posed, just like those classic posters, where next to his portrait, was the number order on the ballot and the number of the coalition that supports it.

They would not have dealt with the fingers, they would have dealt with the colors. They wouldn't have messed with the fingers, they would have messed with the hairstyle. They wouldn't have dealt with the fingers, they would have dealt with the skin color pigment. Just thumbs up is the reason.

Thank Belin, yesterday he offered you the day's food for free./ CNA.al

10:45 Opinione Mitro Çela

Two-legged wolf?!

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Agjërim… digjital

Po sikur të provonim agjërimin digjital? Të shkëputem...

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