A brazen man who roams the squares

2023-04-27 12:29:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra

A brazen man who roams the squares

The first definition of an insolent person is: one who speaks words and does obscene deeds in an excessive manner.

Such a man is ready to do bé in an instant; he does not break his head when they speak ill of him, nor when they insult him; he is weak in character, and so shameless, that he can do anything.

So, for example, there is nothing wrong with taking the Kordak (dance of drunkards in antiquity) without being drunk and entering with a chorus of comedians without a mask; to come around in the squares and collect hokaters like himself from the people who entered those majlises, he quarrels with those who have any deficiencies, even physical ones.

He is good at opening a hotel, running a public house, taking on any job, even the most shameful ones, becoming a cashier, a cook, playing dice. He invites and gathers the crowds, stands among them, speaks to them in a loud and hoarse voice and finally insults them, he has no business calling them assholes; some of those who are there come closer and shout, while another part goes without hearing him at all; therefore, some hear only the beginning of the lecture, some only a few words and another hears only a small part.

This man's mind is full that only in such majlis can he show his impudence.
He is brought to court and sometimes he sues others, sometimes he himself is sued by others; in some trials it is not insulted at all, proving this lack even with bé; while in some others he leads his men with the letter box in their arms and a stack of papers in their hands; he has nothing to do with gathering around him people of the rope and rope, to become their leader and then and there to lend them an atypical usury, submission.

Only one month in every four years does he show his impudence, where he wanders through the restaurants, in the places where dignity is sold, and throws away the money he collects from the four-year usury.

People like this can't stand it, because on the one hand they curse the whole world with their open mouths, and on the other hand they shout so much that the whole square and its screens (screens) shake.

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