"Jam SaliBerisha" obsolete trade-mark

2023-04-27 10:29:00, Opinione Fatos Hoxha

"Jam SaliBerisha" obsolete trade-mark

It's been a while since the head of the pulpit shoots in debates to exclaim "I'm Sali Berisha, you fools!", every time he gets nervous because he's not taken seriously, or when he sees himself cowering in a corner from the truths that burn him .

With court reporters, I use it as a cover to close the topic.

With critical journalists, he uses it to regain ground, whenever he finds himself stripped of arguments.

Debates have increased. But for Berisha, the difficulties have also increased.
Not everyone takes it seriously, not everyone is afraid of it.

"I am Sali Berisha" we are hearing more and more often.
By repetition, the piskama is becoming a kind of "trade mark" for the doctor of the pulpit, so that it is very difficult not to impress.

The important question is "how much can this "trade mark" keep Berisha on his feet, how much can he move forward?"

When Berisha says the sentence "I am Sali Berisha, you fools!" think that the Albanians translate it as I am brave, fearless, true, heroic, unbending, invincible, invincible, invincible, incorruptible, incorruptible.

In 30 years of pluralism, his name has been associated with so many events, stories, conflicts, disagreements, embarrassments, successes, failures, arson, fights, fates, pirouettes, submissions, reconciliations, insults, slander, humiliation, humiliation, so much bitterness and filth, that even Berisha himself should have realized that his name is not a "trade mark" today.

In 30 years of pluralism, Berisha has been talked about so much, has entered into contradictions and dead ends so much, has lied and refuted so much, has been discovered and taken by surprise so much, that today without fear he is the most unreliable politician, among all politicians that this country has produced, active politicians or those who have long since left the field, alive or dead. Today, Berisha can be called, without fear of being mistaken, the Father of Rrena in Albanian politics.

Today with the slogan "I'm Sali Berisha, you fools!" people connect more easily, very easily, two failed governments with overwhelming consequences for the rule of law and democracy, they connect the terrible family corruption, the ugliest school in the Balkans of state robbery, without scruples, without fear or obstacles, they connect the character black, hypocritical, unfaithful, liar, meek, vengeful, angry, without knowledge and faith that raises its head every time it is confronted with values ??and personalities, connect the lack of morals and ideals, the lack of honor, honesty, commitment to society and respect towards the other, the lack of ethics and education.

Today, people associate the anti-model, the anti-politician, the anti-democrat, the anti-human, the anti-social with this spark.

Today, Berisha no longer uses the "trademark" "I am Sali Berisha, you fools!" No one buys the product hidden behind this name, no one loves it anymore.

Albanians are not stupid.

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