Crypto revivalists parading as independents

2023-04-27 23:07:14, Opinione Andi Bushati
Crypto revivalists parading as independents
Journalist Andi Bushati

Whoever has followed the media coverage of this campaign with even a little attention, surely noticed an anomaly: the tendency to escape from the real debate in favor of abstract topics.

When someone raises the issue that the real opposition has been stripped of the rights given to it by our electoral law, an "independent" emerges who squirms and answers: "Berisha and Meta cannot talk about voting honesty". 

When someone repeats the fact that DP's stamp, funding, television time and commissioners were stolen, a "neutral" appears who argues that Rama does these things because his discredited opponents do not have popular power to stop him.

When someone insists that Këlliçi, Boçi or Cara were also deprived of the right to have counters that will guarantee their votes, a "neutral" jumps in to say that the gang of "non grata" has been taken away by the USA .

In fact, if you squeeze the message of all these crypto-revivalists, it is the same as that of Edi Rama: "Don't curb my gluttony BEFORE you fall into the hands of Salut and Iliri again". Although those in power steal Albania to buy votes and then with this money they buy votes to continue the robbery, we must overlook this fact because we must not go back to the past.

This adaptation to Rama's call has made those who are ashamed to publicly support him, but who want to play his game at any cost, turn into butchers of public debate. They never prefer to talk about a concrete topic, but rush to shout "Sali is to blame". They are not surprised that the only real force, which has brought out the renaissance of 61 candidates, is not even given the right to preserve and defend its vote.

Instead of the facts of the day, instead of commenting on the actuality that degenerates every day, they avoid the debate from the latest crime that happened to the moral profile of Berisha and Meta. Of course, the latter are far from being angels. In the long history of the massacre of the Albanian elections, they have left their stains of shame. In the unstoppable degradation of this country, they bear their great weight. 

But today the real debate is not how tainted the leader of the Democrats and the leader of the freedom party are, but why these: the bad, the finished, the sunken, the abandoned, Edi Rama again needs to make tricks and steal what the voters give? Is it possible that the head of the government is afraid that he is even more hated than those he calls "blind men"? 

Avoiding this dilemma, the encrypted supporters of the renaissance do not harm, as they claim, only Berisha and Meta, but they serve the escalation of the right of every Albanian voter to judge freely and without violence. By manipulating the thesis  that Saliu and Iliri are the greatest evil, they undermine the sacred democratic principle of being equal in the face of common rules and laws. 

Basically, the conclusion of all those who play this game is very simple: They justify the fact that the opposition needs to steal the votes of those who like it, because its leaders are unpopular with Edi Rama. 

Therefore, how many times do you happen to see someone in the evening debates who leads the conversation from the question that he belongs to the majority of the Democrats to the DP stamp, to the fact that Saliu is non grata; from the violations of the college, KAS, CEC, to the justification that this is how our great ally wants it; from the fact that it is up to Belin, Luciano or Igli to keep the votes that the electors have given, to the deception that we cannot go back; so every time you hear such pirouettes you should know that you are dealing with a crypto renaissance. And in reality they have neither Berisha nor Meta, they simply want their idol to continue ruling us and stealing from us.

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