By Luciano Boçi/ The incinerator must be turned off

2023-04-28 10:35:00, Opinione CNA
By Luciano Boçi/ The incinerator must be turned off
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The so-called affair of the incinerators started in Elbasan. It was 2014.

It started here, because Elbasan was considered a dead environment, a body killed by historical pollution, a territorial corpse, a space without any hope.

The incinerator was the final nail in a coffin - already headed for the grave.

This issue is not raised to discuss theft. SPAK deals with that!

I want to talk about the environmental threat and the eminent danger that this work represents for every resident of Elbasan municipality. This municipality was considered so worthless by the socialists that they collected the urban waste of the entire district there.

The chosen technology disregarded any environmental protection parameters. The old one was chosen to help those who would steal. But that's not the point - we said it! Old technology sentences the inhabitants of this region to death.

The graces she emits are cancerous! The fumes it emits are carcinogenic. In a municipality with the incidence of cancer several times higher than any other city – this investment is truly a killing machine, a collective punishment.

The chosen site is another ecological crime. The fumes of the incinerator eventually pollute the agricultural production barn of the Municipality of Elbasan - Jagodina, Kuqani, the most fertile land we have.

Talking about tourism in an oncology ward is stupid! Why do we have to think about whether we will survive this concentration camp they put us in? Sooner or later the cancerous gases and ashes will reach us and mark us with the fatal mark of disease.

In these weeks and months when I was working on my election program, I got my hands on all the evidence gathered in the investigative commission of the incinerators. I have spoken with local and foreign experts, I have evaluated the technical data of the plant and the risk analysis with them - they finally convince me that the incinerator should be closed.

First, it must be turned off. Second – it must be removed along with the mountain of trash that accompanies it.

I can't look my friends in the eye and silently wonder when each of them will die. This incinerator is our collective punishment.

As a citizen of Elbasan, I cannot accept that our properties only lose value, while the city is abandoned and no one approaches it anymore.

As a political person I cannot accept to see people who work harder in agriculture, the poorer they are, because their product is considered a green poison.

I cannot allow anyone to do my people such injustice.

This is no longer a question of political roles. This is about stopping a mass violence that has sentenced us all as a community, as citizens, to death.

The incinerator must be shut down TODAY. The incinerator cannot be a resident of this municipality.

Either us or him.

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