Reactions after grass germination on asphalt

2023-04-28 21:13:00, Opinione CNA
Reactions after grass germination on asphalt
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

The news that grass has grown on the newly paved road in a city in Albania was first reported in the local media and then went around the world, evoking the reaction of personalities on a global scale.

Paving roads at the start of election campaigns is an Albanian tradition already consolidated as much as other traditions.

In fact, just like other holidays where Summer Day is characterized by the smell of balls, Ashura Day is characterized by the smell of cinnamon, and Voting Day has the smell of black pepper.

However, this is enough for history, because another wonder aroused increased interest in decision-makers from both politics and business: The germination of grass on asphalt!

Before I share the reactions with you, let's be clear, this is ordinary grass, the kind that donkeys eat...

Elon Musk: "Nature challenges even the worst infrastructure. But let's not forget that if we had more Tesla cars on the road, we wouldn't need asphalt at all."

Donald Trump: "I've always said I'm a big fan of green. Great! But this is ridiculous. We need to focus on making our roads great again, making them great with high-quality asphalt and we shouldn't put ourselves in this ridiculous position of commenting on the quality of the grass on the asphalt. We should be commenting on the quality of the asphalt on the grass."

Joe Biden: "Let me tell you, this grass growing out of asphalt is just one more sign of the urgent need to address climate change. We must invest in green infrastructure and sustainable development in order to ensure to leave this beautiful planet as a legacy to the generations to come. After announcing my candidacy, I am in contact with the Prime Minister of Albania, our NATO ally, and a group of experts is about to leave for Albania to receive this magic formula that gives sustainable solutions to global warming".

UN Secretary General: "I have to say, this is an inspiring example of nature's power to adapt and thrive even in seemingly impossible circumstances. But let's not forget the bigger picture. Change climate change is a global crisis that requires urgent and ambitious action from all of us. The fact that grass is growing from asphalt is a reminder that we must prioritize sustainability, conservation and ecosystem restoration. Together, with Albania we can we create a world that is greener, more beautiful and more resilient."

Vladimir Putin: "Ah, the wonders of nature. The grass on the asphalt just shows that Russia is not the only place of surprises. And I'm glad that this invention does not come from the West. Today I gathered the best experts and asked them how to do we use this herb to strengthen the economy? Is there any possibility to use it to give vodka a different taste?".

Volodymyr Zelensky: "This is truly an extraordinary phenomenon. Who would have thought that asphalt can also be a fertile ground for grass? I thank my friend Eddy for this gift to humanity. As the President of Ukraine, I I see this as a sign of hope for our country. It shows that even when the road ahead is difficult, there is always a way for life to flourish."

German Chancellor Scholz: "For us this news is certainly unexpected. I must say, that the German government has always been committed to promoting sustainable urban development and green infrastructure. But I never imagined that the grass would grow from asphalt. Even German scientists are surprised. Maybe we can use this as an opportunity to start a new research initiative on the benefits and potential risks of using natural grass in road construction. We will work closely with our partners in the EU to ensure that any future standards or regulations are in line with the new standards that will be set soon. Our commitment to climate protection and biodiversity conservation has received strong support from our Albanian friends." .

Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama:"This is a moment of pride for our country. The fact that grass is growing from our paved roads shows that we are a land of great fertility and resilience. It also proves that our government's investment in seemingly quality roads low has been well-thought-out. The losers of the opposition laughed when we said that we will dedicate the campaign money only to greenery. I call on all Albanians to embrace this new reality and start planting their gardens in the middle of the streets. I can't tell you today whether after the legalization of cannabis we will be allowed to plant marijuana on the street, but I guarantee you that this will also be part of the national consultation. Together we have done a lot, but we can still do more for them made Albania the greenest country in the world if we look only forward"

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