Why do I believe in tomorrow?

2023-08-30 16:06:00, Opinione Arian Galdini

Why do I believe in tomorrow?

As we are still in the week when we celebrated Mother Teresa's birthday, as I wonder why I believe in tomorrow I am reminded of the wisdom of this great woman in her simply but poignant words: "Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not has yet to come. We only have today. So let's start today.

It is in these words that I find the thread of the answers to my question: 

Why do I believe in tomorrow? 

I meet my thread today, and "today" I tell myself that I don't have, that we don't need words and arguments, regrets and complaints, today I, today we have to decide. 

And for a good start, today we would like to take steps with a new approach with the aim of not only honoring Mother Teresa, as has been done and will be done by the state, politics, religious institutions, social and civil groups or Albanian academics, with words and speeches, with commemorations, inspiration, prayers, concerts, and memorials, but let's truly and sincerely honor her fully and humbly by following and internalizing her example. 

Right here, in the great need for the internalization of Mother Teresa's model, the drive for the most beautiful and difficult challenge and battle that can be faced by the individual, the Albanian citizen of our times, which we ourselves often consider as the time of stupidity, begins. 

This challenge is neither more nor less but the challenge to perfect oneself. 

This challenge cannot hold others accountable, claim from others, expect from others, etc., etc. 

This challenge is essentially a direct examination and exercise of the capacity to arrange affairs alone and only with oneself. 

No one can help us in this challenge, no one can harm us in this challenge, except ourselves. 

And to think that the road through which this challenge passes is a huge paradox of the time and environment we live in. 

Note the paradox through which we are all bound and determined to pass and endure, whether with closed or open ears and eyes, with closed or open minds, obedient or disobedient, with dignity or without dignity , with brave hearts or with timid and cowardly hearts. 

The paradox is visible to the point of pain, palpable to the point of shock, howling to the point of guffawing, arrogant and dismissive to the point of annihilation of civic conscience. 

Our paradox: 

Everyone says that nowadays, in these days of systemic terror and malice, the way the system works here in our dear country, being a fraud is necessary, that is, easy and almost natural. 

Being corrupt, thieving, greedy and swindling is necessary, that is, easy and natural. 

To be servile, obedient, low-headed, is necessary, that is, easy and natural. 

To glorify, hosanna to the "Leaders" and the Bosses who reward you and give you a living or unfair career and to curse, deny, smear, insult and curse everyone else who is outside your circle of interest or even just why they are different from you or opposite to you is necessary, ie easy and natural. 

To be mediocre, incompetent, filled with jealousy and social envy for others who radiate and shine with talent, creativity, virtues and goodness, is necessary, that is, easy and natural. 

Being a tireless denier, slanderer, slanderer, backstabbing, betraying, selling friends, putting someone in for personal or group benefit, scheming, is necessary, that is, easy and natural. 

Being addicted, immoral and amoral, money-loving, power-loving, fame-loving at any cost and price, is necessary, that is, easy and natural. 

To be without integrity, without dignity, without a face, without a name, without a number (no face, no name, no number), to be a convinced signatory, is necessary, that is, easy and natural.  

So, we can continue longer and longer with the revelation of this paradox that in Albania of these 30 years has slowly transformed into a way of life. 

That's why I say that nowadays, when our country has been plagued so much by blackness, moral depravity, the destruction of dignity, the robbery of state and other property, the fencing of freedom, the treatment of the state as war booty that is divided to reward greedy' and 'barbarians' who fought or could do the numbers for victory, the real challenge, the clearly and persistently personal challenge is to go against the grain. 

Today in Albania, to be a simple citizen who has the courage and integrity to come out with dignity and honesty for yourself, your family, your city and your country, is very difficult even to the limit of the impossible, that is, you are against the current. 

To be virtuous and to bravely and wisely face vice wherever you see it is against the current. 

Being moral is against the grain. 

To speak with truth, justice, courage, wisdom and wisdom when everyone is afraid to speak is against the tide. 

To be filled with gratitude and to express gratitude indiscriminately, at a time when everyone has completely uprooted the tree of gratitude from their soul and mind, is against the current. 

Not accepting the injustices and iniquities of arbitrary and abusive Chiefs and Leaders is against the current. 

To do daily mental and spiritual gymnastics by saying to yourself every day: I am, I can; I am a simple citizen, good law enforcer and honest, I don't steal, I don't cheat, I don't scheme, I don't sell my vote and I don't plant cannabis, I love Albanians, I love Albania, I love the West, it is against the current. 

Building personal morality, building public value through your talent, skill, knowledge, experience, character, dignity and virtue, through your commitment, participation, words, activism and involvement is against the current. 

To climb up, to achieve success, to make a fair and deserving career, to be fulfilled, by helping, elevating, appreciating, supporting and elevating others, is against the current. 

To speak positive words, to tirelessly forgive those who hurt and hurt you, to speak with love and kindness, to think positively, to spread peace within yourself and around you wherever you live, walk, stay , it works, it is against the current. 

Having a constructive, providing, communal mind and heart, loving and respecting others, everyone, relatives, the different, the opposite, even the enemies, is against the current. 

To vigorously and relentlessly defend your Freedom, your Rights, your spaces and your property, your personal identity, integrity and dignity, but also that of others, is against the current. 

To be raised above all to the heights where only humility and modesty can lift you, is against the current. 

This is also our completely personal challenge that if it comes to life and stands up, it has all the chances to face and overcome any paradox of today no matter how big, immovable and inviolable it may seem. 

As Mother Teresa says: 

"Tomorrow hasn't come yet. We only have today. So let's start today."

Can we start today to go against the tide? 

Can we make virtue, talent, ability, knowledge, morality, ability, dignity, integrity, as the demands of the time? 

Can we make these qualities trendy, trends for the generations of young people and the times to come? 

Can we bring these qualities to fashion? 

It is certain that all of them are counter-current qualities, that is, they have all the chances to be trendy and fashionable by themselves. 

Blessed is he who has the courage to go against the current. 

And here the challenge is for all those who are or feel young in age, young in spirit, young in mind, i.e. who have the strength, energy, courage, opportunity and desire to be against the current and to bring Albania this new fashion, this new trend. 

My friends and I have decided to go against the grain. 

My friends and I believe in tomorrow because we are determined to work for it. 

My friends and I are neither more nor less than some simple people, clear and determined to offer ourselves in the great battle for transformation, Europeanization and westernization of Albania. 

My friends and I are simply people on standby in society. 

We only have the will, determination and clarity to challenge ourselves to be perfect every day. 

We are not the best. 

We do not claim or aim as a goal in itself to be the best. 

We're not special or I know what. 

We are simply people who have found the reasons, enlightenment and liberation for the courage to travel together with each other, to put our society and country on alert, and to work and fight hard for a new fashion to come to Albania, a new time, a new trend. 

We are against the current. 

And do you know why I believe in tomorrow, why we believe in tomorrow? 

Because we know how to smile, we know how to have fun, we know how to live life, we seek the best for our life. 

We want to smile, we want to have fun, we want to live life full of colors and fun. 

We know and love to say with a smile: Being with Virtues, Knowledge, Talents, Skills, Wisdom, Morality and Dignity, You are King!!! 

To be with Virtues, Knowledge, Talents, Skills, Wisdom, Morality and Dignity, Je Pasha!!! 

Being with Virtues, Knowledge, Talents, Skills, Wisdom, Morality and Dignity is also Fashion. 

In conclusion, there are only two questions that each of us wants to ask ourselves: 

If not me, then who? 

If not now, then when? 

The answer that I have given to myself, the answer that my friends have given to themselves is: I am, I can. We are, We can. The time is now!!!

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