By Kastriot Frashëri/ Lament of the Sorosian owls

2023-08-26 19:02:00, Opinione Kastriot FRASHËRI

By Kastriot Frashëri/ Lament of the Sorosian owls

The decision of the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to close a large part of its European operations has surprised many admirers and employees of its founder, George Soros, who were left without support and without jobs as they began. owls mourn their black fate. But can there be any consolation for the most infamous guard in the world who, in the name of liberalism on the continent, destroyed the values ??and morals of society during this beginning of the millennium?

Historically, no other foundation has done more to destroy European civil society than George Soros and his Foundation!

The founding fathers of civil society when they began designing independent NGOs argued that the political element of political organizations facilitates better awareness and a more informed citizenry, who make better voting choices, participate in politics, and hold government more accountable. responsible as a result. Civil society acts as a forum for people with problems. common goals and interests to further develop democratic ideals, which in turn can lead to a more democratic state. They influence politics by putting pressure on governments. This implies that civil society serves as an instrument to balance the power of the state. The statutes of these political organizations are considered micro-constitutions because they teach participants the formalities of democratic decision-making.

The most typical case in Albania was the degradation of Civil Society organizations in the Intellectual Mafia of Tirana after the 2010s, which we, including the author of these ranks, could have established and kept them going with our contribution. In short, the real cycle society that was where the problem was located and the public interest demanded it and the appointed Civil Society that was the beneficiary of funds, meetings and roundtables in the halls of the capital's hotels

Indeed, the announced withdrawal of the OSF, not only marks a bitter and desired end for the rest and dominant part of the civil society, bearer of basic human values ??and democracy to the negative role of the OSF in building an infrastructure Pan-European citizen of a new age, without logic, without emotion, without morals, without values, without gender, without family, without nationality, just a robot man.

This is a good opportunity for European society, unaffected by the external imposition of a sect strongly sponsored by interest groups, to easily return to its origins, traditional values, family, morals and civic education inherited from generations. Only in this way will Europe and Euro-Atlantic values ??experience the European renaissance.




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