Mouth eaters, a fistful of cement in the mouth. For the future!

2023-08-29 14:15:00, Opinione Martin Leka

Mouth eaters, a fistful of cement in the mouth. For the future!

Edi Rama is the Prime Minister of Albania. Legit. 

For a thousand and one reasons, someone might not like it. Don't like it. He may not like the look of it. By length. From the style of the beard or clothing. From the way he talks. From gestures. From the extravaganza. From ties, for example. Or from sneakers. In vain. He doesn't like it at all!

Others may not like it as a government. How to build the administration. How his chosen ones are corrupted. How arrogant they are. How ministers go to jail. Don't like it for the economy. For education. For health. For the streets. For farmers. For housing. For the towers. For public spaces. For Environment. Even for the drains you wanted.

It is equally legitimate for others to like the prime minister for exactly the same reasons. This is where partisanship, militancy begins. Without getting into the analysis or essence of dealing with problems, events. It is a thirty-something year old duel between the right and the left(?), between PD and SP.

In short, I don't like Edi Rama at all. You of the pulpit. You of the DP. Even you from the SP wanted it. Dauj and like Sali Berisha. Your job!  

How about Albania?! 

Shouldn't we love him from Edi Rama? 

Or do we also want it from Edi Rama?

This year, our country experienced a tourist boom. Millions of tourists have landed from the south to the north of the country. World-known figures have come among them, who are an irreplaceable PR asset. 

For example, Dua Lipa, for the biggest fashion magazine in the world, "Vogue", classifies the Albanian coast as the first place to spend the holidays.  

"I would have no problem going on holiday in Albania. There is a very beautiful sea. Albania is more or less like Italy 10-20 years ago, Rimini, Riccione, exceptional hospitality. I have no problem taking vacations in Albania" - billionaire Flavio Briatore, the former boss of Formula-1, said for the show "Zona Bianca" on Rete-4, a few days ago.

This is certainly a great advertisement for us, for Albania. I then read a typical Albanian reaction. Not by an ordinary man. Not from a thug. Not from a drug addict. Not from a peddler. Not even a seed seller. Nor roasters of soggy corn on the sidewalk. Not even a villain. But it seems to me from a deputy and professor. 

The deputy of the floor, out of hatred for Edi Rama, writes to Briatore in a FB status, calling Albania "barren, impure, a place where they kill, cut with a knife, take hostages"...  

After that, any attempt at reasoning is futile.

For mouth-eaters who curse and curse Albania, dermani is "a fistful of cement in the mouth". For the future!

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