Comedy Festival/ Koko Fest for 7 nights in Korça with Albanian artists

2022-09-04 12:51:00, Kulturë CNA

Comedy Festival/ Koko Fest for 7 nights in Korça with Albanian artists

Koko Fest nationwide comedy festival has started in Korça.

7 different theater groups from Albania will perform in front of the Korça art lovers. The director of the art and culture center, Zamira Kita, says that the most beautiful comedies have been chosen for them.

"Koko Fest is an Albanian-speaking comedy festival. All the troops of the Albanian territories take part. We have chosen the most beautiful comedies that have circulated throughout the year," she said.

Even the actor Ndriçim Xhepa shares his emotions about this festival.

"It is a value that has continuity. First of all, I would like to continue this festival", he said.

The first show came from the "Aleksandër Moisiu" theater in Durrës, with a comedy which focused on the betrayal of couples.

"It's an English comedy that also represents us as Albanians, because it's really very current", said the director Adelina Muça

The main actor of this show was Gentian Zenelaj, who says that he does not see this festival as a competition, but as a pleasure to be together with other artists from Albania and to make the people laugh.

"I have never seen it as a primary competition, I have seen the pleasure that this festival gives me and the pleasure of being in Korça.

For 7 nights in a row, the Korça public will have the opportunity to attend theatrical performances, where the jury will include well-known actors such as Mirush Kabashi, Yllka Mujo, Luiza Xhuvani and others./ euronews

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