Exclusive - Incinerator payments to the media / Zoto and Gugalle's emails are released

2023-09-30 12:57:00, Denoncim CNA
Exclusive - Incinerator payments to the media / Zoto and Gugalle's emails
Photomontage - Stela Gugallja and Klodian Zoto

The affair of the incinerators also affected the media for propaganda and lying to the Albanians.

In order to pave the way for tens of millions of euros to be easily extorted from the taxes of poor Albanians, propaganda was definitely needed.

CNA has published dozens of invoices, as well as contracts of many media outlets, which initially denied the payments received by the incinerators from their companies.

For this reason, in the last few days we have brought several contracts which are very significant, as they are for people who in the media make propaganda and still defend the incinerators as a success story of Renaissance, although the prime minister himself gave up calling it a corrupt affair and for more moreover, he said that someone had "eaten pears behind his back" in this failed 170 million euro project, where in Elbasan a new incinerator remains under repair, in Fier it has not been completed yet and in Tirana it does not exist, although 110 million have been paid euros.

The payment structure of the incinerators for the media has been completely controlled by Klodian Zoto, through Denisa Tollkuçi and his legal office, and by Mirel Mërtiri, the latter through the law firm of his roommate Stela Gugallja, where CNA is bringing some emails today, that is, some complete official communications, about the way payments were ordered, their changes, the binding of contracts, or the amounts that would be given.

Exclusive - Incinerator payments to the media / Zoto and Gugalle's emails
Stela Gugallja, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri

The coordinator for the media that passed every payment for two years with a contract is Matila T., but this belongs to another article, where we will bring her contract, payments, tens of thousands of euros per month and so on and the coordination that she has made media for incinerators. For this reason, we have sent several questions and are still waiting for answers. We have contacted him privately on the phone, and we have also sent him a personal e-mail.

Also, the saleswoman Uarda H, is contracted for a period of 18 months by the incinerator of Tirana, precisely for propaganda in the media and their monitoring.

Let's see how the payments went.

Just look at the first email. In this e-mail we have a communication that is about "Albanian Post" and the communication is about changing the contract, about increasing the value of VAT and the email is sent by Julia Muça, who is an economist of the company "Consulting SE", which is owned by Stela Gugalljas.

Exclusive - Incinerator payments to the media / Zoto and Gugalle's emails

If we look at the affair of the incinerators, "Consulting SE" receives payments in Fier, Tirana and Elbasan, amounting to tens of thousands of euros per month.

According to this email, which is sent by Julia Muça, addressed to Denisa Tollkuç and also to Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugalljas, it is said that the value must be changed and the VAT added, because the portals have not yet been approved by the AMA.

Exclusive - Incinerator payments to the media / Zoto and Gugalle's emails
The email for the advertising contract with "Albanian Post" of Baton Haxhi

We are talking here about 2021, before the elections. This is a contract and this is an e-mail of March 9 of that year, but Julia and Stela Gugalljas do not have only this e-mail.

The relationship with Matilda, the continuation with Denisa Tollkuçi and the confirmations from Klodian Zoto about the Tirana incinerator continue without stopping.

Exclusive - Incinerator payments to the media / Zoto and Gugalle's emails
The incinerator of Tirana

In the second email, we are issuing for the first time a contract for advertising of the "Mapo" newspaper, which is a symbolic payment compared to what the "sharks" of the media Baton Haxhiu, Carlo Bollino, "Top Channel" have eaten. , Irfan Hysenbelliu, "Fax News" and other portals and media in Albania.

In this e-mail, again written by Julia Muça and Stela Gugalljas, the contract for advertising with "Mapo" is emphasized.

" Matilda has brought this contract ", writes Julia and this time she points out Ariola Kodra, who was also the administrator of the company "Integrated Energy BV SPV" in Tirana.

Exclusive - Incinerator payments to the media / Zoto and Gugalle's emails
The email for the advertising contract with "Mapo".

In a third e-mail, this time which is even more significant, it is said:

"I am sending you the bill of the Report, because there is a difference from what Matilda told me, that they requested an additional budget for the campaign".

To be precise, this e-mail was sent by Klodian Zoto after the first communications made by Julia Muça.

According to this email sent on April 17, 2021, the answer was "YES" to Julia Muça, and Denisa Tollkuçi was also informed about this.

Exclusive - Incinerator payments to the media / Zoto and Gugalle's emails
Carlo Bollino's "Report Tv" payment email

Julia Muça previously sent an invoice, stating that there is a change, and again "Matilda told me that they requested additional budget for the campaign. Please confirm".

And Klodian Zoto answers Julia Muça Demner, saying "YES".

We have brought 3 cases that are sufficient. In case anyone has doubts, we will bring further documents, e-mails, communications, which show how Stela Gugallja's company, i.e. through "Consulting SE" passed the money for the advertisements that were distributed to the media by the Tirana incinerator company. A complete control by Mirel Mërtiri, who entrusted the transfer of payments to the studio of his co-habitant in coordination with the law studio owned by Zoto. Media approvals and contracts were handled by Matilda T. and monitored by Warda H. 

Until a while ago, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto had the courage to deny their participation and admit that they were the people of the Tirana incinerator , but over time, indisputable facts and documents emerged that showed that these two main characters organized the scheme they got the contract for Tirana's incinerator and then built the propaganda, partnerships and fraud in the media. Incinerators a corrupt affair, protected by the screens and portals of the government and the opposition.

According to the data of the above emails, it seems clear that Stela Gugallja (Mirel Mërtiri), through her company and through the economist Julia Muça, controlled all the distribution of media money. Denisa Tollkuçi, who is Klodian Zoto's deputy in the whole incinerator scheme, was coordinated and informed about the actions.

In some cases, Klodian Zoto himself is notified, Stela Gugallja is notified and also Ariola Kodra, who was also the administrator of the Tirana incinerator.

The key person to get these payments through and coordinate and determine where the money will go is Matilda T. and Warda H.

As we noted above, CNA has conducted a thorough investigation into the scheme and the media's corrupt links to incinerators and the scheme's masterminds and servants.

According to the emails, it is already clear, as SPAK has said in its investigation, that the "brains" of the incinerators are Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugallja. But these alone would not be able to do anything. Behind are the highest ranks of politics and the media. 

Stela Gugallja's involvement in the Tirana incinerator is also proven in these emails. Until yesterday they were denied, today they are with emails, with facts, with exclusive documents that show how the Tirana incinerator was managed.

So, it is another phase of the investigation, which will show us in detail day by day, not only the fact of how the media was bought and used for propaganda, but also how this money was distributed and who were the people who ordered the distribution of theirs.

The media payments scandal shows that sums of money were given during the campaign, before and during the 2021 election, which makes you suspect that not only was money given to propagandize for the incinerators, but money was given to media support even the majority in power , since it was the last one that had signed, had supported the incinerators and the Tirana contract, where 110 million euros were received in 6 years and there is still no incinerator and another 60 million euros in Fier and Elbasan, where the incinerators still they don't work .

The scheme is clear, Mirel Mërtiri through his roommate Stela Gugallja controls the payments to the media, there is also Klodian Zoto, Denisa Tollkuçi, his deputy, Arjola Kodra appears there, Julia Muça as Stela Gugallja's economist and the key to media payments, Matilda T. and Warda H./ CNA

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