In unethical clothing in the car with the prosecutor/Judge "plays" the insulted

2023-09-25 22:32:01, Denoncim CNA

In unethical clothing in the car with the prosecutor/Judge "plays" the

Some time ago, the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan broadcasted decisions and compromised actions of the judge of Gjirokastra, Suela Dashi. The latter was traveling in unethical clothing with the former prosecutor of her cases, Emëror Kasaj.

"Stop" has written to the justice institutions in the country to examine the lack of ethics for Judge Dashi, who appears with voice and figure in provocative clothing getting out of the car of prosecutor Kasaj.

But on the contrary, it is the judge herself, who wants to take offense after the show "Stop" served this reality to the public.

Excerpts from the conversation in the "Stop" studio:

Saimir Kodra: We have talked here in this episode for who knows how many times about a prosecutor, Name Kasaj, who ran away from the vetting for his thousand and one procedural violations and not only. In one of the stories that Emëror Kasaj had with the show "Stop" and not only, there was that challenge that "I will bring the media to their knees" which he lost and who knows how many others who have been and will come after. Suela Dashi, president of the Court of First Instance, entered the scene. A young girl, a magistrate, who had just graduated from school, who in the act made by the former nominal prosecutor Kasaj for the suspension of the lawyer Arbjan Llangozi, had 50 court decisions because she did not execute them herself.

Gentian Zenelaj: He took you to other courts.

Saimir Kodra: Yes, and he told you that for "incompetence" she has to do it, that is, Suela Dashi. Even the Supreme Court, 50 decisions were made. But she didn't want to because she had her own court. A magistrate who becomes the president of the court just like that, what is there in the middle? Of course I say there is money.

Gentian Zenelaj: It could be skill, merit...

Saimir Kodra: This can also be... Nice. In one of the shows, we have shown you in voice and image how, in complete violation of the Code of Ethics, the former prosecutor of that time and Suela came in the same car from Tirana with the same issue to discuss. You wonder what a prosecutor who drives a car with a judge 4 hours away had to discuss. In the same car, another violation of the Code of Ethics .

In unethical clothing in the car with the prosecutor/Judge "plays" the

We broadcast it to you visually and in that show I said it clearly and cleanly and I say it again without a trace of shame or fear that the lady judge, Suela Dashi is wearing a miniskirt, it is an ethical violation, we asked her a question.

Journalist: Congratulations on your position as president of the Court of First Instance Gjirokastër, do you have any comments?

Journalist: We wanted a comment about the 50 decisions on the case of lawyer Llangozi that have been returned by many courts, mention the Supreme Court here, do you have any comment?

Saimir Kodra: When we asked her because we never found her in the institution, "where are you, my girl", she said that "I am doing my studies, I stay in the library", while she was in the heart of Tirana, do I know where she lived and lived. Let's go a little bit to the image that came out of the car of Name Kasaj that maybe the ILD of the KLJJ has forgotten that it protects the judges. I wrote to the ILD at the time about the ethics violations and never heard back. The KLJJ made an absurd letter where he warned us about "please use more moderate language", while I did not answer at that time because I was on vacation and I did not want to spoil Teresa, but I am telling you today "who are you?" you who confuse me with one of your subordinates and tell me this and that". I have another institution which is the AMA that can suggest or fine me. Who are you to discuss my work? CGJ,

Just so you know, today, the prosecutor of Saranda has 50 court decisions that have not been executed by the ILD and many other places that you have now brought to my attention again and I will deal with this judge at length, I am reading here a request for information that says: Klan Television, the investigative show "Stop" - The Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance, General Jurisdiction Sarandë has started criminal proceedings for the criminal offense of "insulting the judge" (and they are asking for film materials), the head of the prosecution, Kledian Llaho. You have it all on YouTube dear sir. Click and you have all the materials that I have said or that I have not yet said about Suela.


In the video: "Stop" show, October 12, 2022 - Judge Suela Dashi's violations, the Supreme Court dismisses her, the ILD is dumb

Saimir Kodra: But to start such an investigation for "insulting the judge", there is nothing here, this is a mini-skirt. I've said it and I'll say it again, this is in a miniskirt in a state institution, with painted fingers and gold pendants and I know with bags that I don't know how much they cost. This is an insult to my intelligence, but on the other hand you tell me that I am obliged to receive a denunciation of a judge, even in this case, while for the 50 court decisions that had incompetence and this was all that was done, you have not started no investigation. I'm not saying that I was scared, but I find all this absurd.

Gentian Zenelaj: Even if we call her a red coat above the knee, she still has 50 backlash for incompetence.

Saimir Kodra: Suela, we will be in the courtroom in person. Me personally because you can issue a power of attorney for representation with a lawyer. Come and let's face each other for things that the courtroom and the prosecutor there can hear for the first time, in Saranda and then here at "Stopi"./ tvklan

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