They are sent to bed, but the files of the 64 para-tetraplegics of Berat are diverging

2023-09-20 22:19:26, Denoncim CNA

They are sent to bed, but the files of the 64 para-tetraplegics of Berat are

64 out of 216 paraplegics and tetraplegics in Berat are informed that their payment will be stopped and they will return to the commission in Tirana without completing the time.

In Fiks Fare, the chairman of the Para-tetraplegic Association of Berat, Petrit Muçollava, complained along with some others whose names were on the list. He stated that he was notified by the state social service, but also by the social service in Berat Municipality that their files had diverged and that their payment was stopped until a second recommissioning.

Petriti shows that this is not right, since he personally and many others, even though they have gone to the commission and received it with a certain deadline, they must appear again to fill out the documents and to the superior commission for re-commissioning . Petriti has lost the ability to walk and he says that 6 months ago he made all the necessary documentation and submitted it. He went to Elbasan where he made more detailed analyzes and the commission gave him the payment until 2024, but after 6 months he was informed that his file had diverged. This list includes 64 people out of 216 in total.

"I agree that a force tax has been raised by Tirana for the re-examination of files, but that it should be for everyone and not just for a few ", says Petriti. " It doesn't seem normal to me that we have to appear in Tirana and that we who have been commissioned are re-commissioned ahead of time. I understand that there can be abuses, but we who are on this list are in the worst possible situation ", he says. Then he asks Fiksi that this should not happen to them again, but that the force should do the checks at home and look at the relevant condition of each of the para-tetraplegics, since most of them do not have the physical means to move towards Tirana. " If I could walk, I don't even want that payment at all, I would even return what I received, but don't tire us anymore" , adds the president of the association.

The fix also went to several other families whose children had their names on the list. All the cases that Fix presented were extreme, none of the pre-tetraplegics could even get out of bed. Good and bad people did it on the spot. The service had parents who, at an advanced age and with tears in their eyes, asked for help with all these bureaucracies." My daughter has been in this condition for 38 years, she doesn't move, her gray hair has come out now, I took her to the commission in 2021 and she has until 2026, now I have to appear again. Tell me it makes sense?! When I took her to the commission in 2021 with my personal car, the girl lost consciousness 3 times on the road, so if that's the case, it's better to die at home, not on the streets," says the parent of a girl whose name is on the list of 64 people. And the parent of another boy says that it is impossible to get him up even though both husband and wife try hard. "It's good that I'm alive myself, but when I die, what will happen ", he says to Fiksi while he can't hold back his tears.

Together with these parents, Fiksi addressed the Regional Directorate of the State Social Service, Berat District.
Director Elona Hoxha denies that they have been notified of the suspension of payment and that the reassessment will take place in Tirana. She claims that it is these 64 files that are being re-examined in the documentation by the tax force in Tirana, but that the payment has not been stopped and if there will be any recommissioning, it will be done online.

But in a meeting of the president of the association together with the director in the corridors of the institution, it is learned that one of her employees told Petriti that the files are in disagreement and that the payment will be stopped. But the latter orders him to enter his office. The director of the social service comes out even when Fiksi journalists in a telephone connection with the social service manager in Berat Municipality says "We received an email telling us that 64 files had diverged and that their payment was stopped".

She claims that this email was then accompanied by a second one announcing the continuation of the payment. " I notified the leaders and the chairman of the association both in the first case and in the second one ", concludes the social service manager.

Fiksi communicated to those interested that the payment would not be interrupted and that the revaluation would be done online. While thanking "Fiks Fare", the citizens raised another concern. That in Berat District only one person is a permanent committee. They ask that some para-tetraplegics like the cases broadcasted on "Fiks Fare" benefit from it. One of the parents even shuts it down: I don't want any money, I'll even give you if you took my son to his feet, but he won't do it!/ tch

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