"Separate the soul from the mother, hit the curse"/ Horror video of the pseudo-pastor

2023-09-14 21:37:34, Denoncim CNA

"Separate the soul from the mother, hit the curse"/ Horror video of

Some disturbing materials are circulating on social networks of a lady who introduces herself as a pastor, known as Alketa. It talks about Jesus Christ and gathers people of different age groups. Alketa performs dangerous rituals in the name of soul purification, healing and removal of magic.

The case was reported on the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan.

Complainant: My sister has gone through some worries and because of these worries she entered the social networks, where she asked to find a consolation, but she came across a website called "Online Church of Jesus Christ" which is run by Mrs. Alketa , by this name I have known her and entered and checked myself, I addressed you because she is more and more associated with this so-called "church". He has started attending the sessions that this church creates and gathers people. There are some situations that are very disturbing and scary for me. To me, as a citizen, it does not seem right at all and it even seems to me like manipulation of people. There were mothers with sick children, and seeing all this, I notice that this lady takes them and lays them on the ground, pretending to heal the diseases. Removes magic and strange things.

These videos are like horror scenes and very harmful to the people who have been manipulated. The activities are published in a profile named "Online Church of Jesus Christ the Lord".

Alketa Auer : Fire of the Holy Spirit! Complete! Fire of the Holy Spirit! Complete! In the name of Jesus Christ, I will destroy every witchcraft!

In the name of Jesus Christ, fire!

In the name of Jesus Christ, fire! Fire! Fire!

They will receive orders and carry out orders that come in the name of Jesus Christ. Bless the brain, that all brain signals are now working!

I strike, today, every generational curse! Out, today!

From mom, fire! The spirit of work from the father, fire! Breath from the brother, fire! In the name of Jesus Christ, I do today, spiritual separation from mom! In the name of Jesus Christ…!

I separate your soul from your mother! Now, out!

In the name of Jesus Christ, fire!

In the name of Jesus Christ, fire!

In the name of Jesus Christ, fire!

And every wound of the wicked, be destroyed, now!

In the name of Jesus Christ Lord, and your peace be now in his body! Your peace, Lord, in his mind, in his heart!

In the name of Jesus Christ, fire!

For the Evangelical Brotherhood and for psychologists, such materials are very disturbing.

Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania:Thank you for bringing this up as an issue because we have actually received several different complaints from citizens and church leaders about its activities. The online page that this lady runs is not related to and is not part of the Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania. We have actually written a letter to all pastors and all leaders to warn our evangelical believers to be careful because such activities are not in line with what the Bible teaches us and what we believe, so we must be careful that when such persons perform such activities, we should go to an evangelical church and be aware if it is something that the Bible or the church teaches us. This is not a pastor, but the way we define pastors is through certain criteria, which each church has and assigns.

Psychologist, Gesi Anamali: The materials made available by you were disturbing, but I notice that in the materials there were elements of damage to the psychological and health aspects of the individuals who were part of them. In general, all individuals who go through a difficult psychological phase, which can be depression, experiencing a feeling of inferiority, or all the problems that life brings us, we need strength, we need people who can tell us that you are well, you're beautiful, you can make it, maybe these individuals haven't found someone in their social circle and headed towards this lady. In this case, we are not only dealing with preaching, but also with manipulation of individuals. Better to see a doctor, we can't solve anything by preaching./tvklan

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