"What a bitch, they hit me in the bidet"/ The elderly woman is abused in a private asylum

2023-09-05 21:30:26, Denoncim CNA

"What a bitch, they hit me in the bidet"/ The elderly woman is abused

The next denunciation in the newsroom of the show "Stop" comes from Mrs. Nafije at the address of the private asylum "Rays of Life". In this home for the care of the elderly, her mother, the late Kadrije Ruko, was accommodated by her eldest son.

According to Nafije, the 86-year-old paralyzed mother was raped and abused in this institution. Nafija used to visit her mother and the latter told her that they mistreated her and did not give her anything to eat or drink.

"I found him in a serious state of health and crying, but he didn't tell me why he was crying. I doubted it. I took off the pajamas and she had black spots on her body. Sisters and brother never had any signs. That a paralyzed person cannot be killed. I doubted and told him what is this so. The mother did not speak because she was afraid of those who abused her. They abused him excessively. I used to come and feed her because the mother was hungry, without water. My mother used to say that I was thirsty for water. They didn't give them because they didn't want to change the babies. I find the owner and ask her. He used to say, "Kill yourself," the informant said.

Nafija herself even found hematomas on her deceased mother's body. Ms. Nafije also has photographs she took of her mother showing the signs of abuse.

"I had nothing to do. I found him 5 times killed. I had a phone at home, it was only for photos, I was forced to take photos in secret. I saw my mother's legs, I lifted her pajamas, I cried the loudest because they had killed her right leg and made it into pieces. Nafije told me, they rape you, they don't feed you, they don't give you a drop of water. When I came to my mother, these kissed her in my eyes, they were the schemes. I was afraid because once I bumped into this Lilin and I told her why my mother was killed. Kill yourself. She doesn't kill herself, I told her that she has been paralyzed for 6 years, how can she kill herself here, I told her. The mother fled and never returned, but there was the asylum of death, not of life. There you looked at death with your eyes", said the informant.

After the death of her mother, Nafija goes to get her personal belongings and find answers to the questions that torment her.

"She didn't show that she was very afraid of them. He said to bring them with a punch to the head, arms, legs. And how to bring? If I tell you, they will kill me worse, he said. It was not eaten, it was hungry. He told me several times. They didn't give her food or water, the mother kept getting weaker and weaker ", said the informant.

One of the employees tells her that she did not touch her mother, but when she made her find her from God.

Citizen: How have you been? How are you?

Employee: There! Nafije is there!

Citizen: I want to take some of my mother's things, because I have spoken!

Employee: Yes! Yes! Stay there, at the door!

Guard: Stay there, let them bring them!

Citizen: Good! Thank you!

Employee: How are you Nafije? Good? Did you calm down a bit?

Citizen: How did that mother of mine escape with wounds in that grave?

Employee: I weighed your mother.

Employee: For God's sake, I weighed it, not..., I have God as my witness. I weighed my mother.

Citizen: Why are you being abused, our mother? Why was he scarred? This left me with regret.

Employee: Your mother was not abused at all. Your mother used to abuse herself because she was killing herself... I have God. She…

Citizen: Why wasn't she killed after being paralyzed for 6 years?

Employee: Yes, that disease degrades, my you. The disease degrades day by day, my. See the other one, how he was killed there! He fell from the bed to the ground.

Citizen: My mother told me so. She told me, "Nafije, why did you talk, the next day, she hit me in the bidet" she told me. To that God above!

Employee: Never in the world.

Citizen: Yes, no, it wasn't you, it was the other one.

Employee: No, no! Forget what happens! Whoever did it, God is above, suffer the consequences!

Citizen: She told me twice, "Nafije, don't run away," she told me, "because they will kill me."

Employee: You are wrong. He said it in vain, that this is not true.

While Lili Sadaj, the wife of the administrator of the "Rays of Life" asylum, claims that the late Kadrije, from time to time, did uncontrolled actions.

"Mother Kadrija used to do uncontrollable actions, which means from time to time she hit her hand on the bed, her head, or even the stroller when the ladies took her out to wash her, or when we took her out to the porch," she said .

On the other hand, for the center's doctor Selim Ibrahimi, the diagnosis was tension and cardiac problems./tvklan

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