The directorate of Blendi Gonxhe appreciates the urban "fringe" of Tirana, which are "Dyli carts"

2023-07-22 13:05:00, Denoncim Xhovan Shyti
The directorate of Blendi Gonxhe appreciates the urban "fringe" of
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In several articles in a row, we have addressed the technical condition and the conditions offered by some of the bus fleets that cover the urban transportation of passengers on the internal lines of the capital. We investigated carefully, without haste, trying to be as fair as possible with our mission of journalism aligned with the public.

After we have studied the legislation of the conditions that must be fulfilled by the vehicles of the companies licensed for this undertaking, we have confronted it with the terrain in which the bus fleets of these companies operate. There are over 20 inner city lines, some covering travel on main lines and others on suburban ones.

We have followed the travel movements for days and in the end we have published the finding that while the buses of the main lines, in general, meet and implement the conditions of the standard required by the law, those of the peripheral lines do not offer this standard.

As the most problematic urban lines, which instead of normal conditions offer travelers miserable conditions, we have identified: "Jordan Misja - Student City", "Train Station - Zoological Park", the "Institute" line, the "Laprakë- Center" line, the "Kashari" line, "Dinamo e Re-Sharre Plant", "Selitë-Kristal-Centre-Train Station-Allias".

The directorate of Blendi Gonxhe appreciates the urban "fringe" of

Yes, there are others. As there are also buses of the main lines with which you want to travel and it makes halal 40 lek for the ticket (we exclude here the cases when, out of servility to the bosses, the drivers turn off the air conditioners to save fuel consumption, for which the companies receive additional funds from the Municipality).

We have also emphasized that although the miserable conditions offered by the buses of these lines are in flagrant violation of the law, their owning companies are allowed to continue operating normally. Unperturbed by dozens of responsible supervisory inspectorates, who, despite the constant complaints of the citizens, sit and watch as the traveling citizens' lips cracked, due to the opening of the schedules, and the sweat flowed from the scorching heat.

The directorate of Blendi Gonxhe appreciates the urban "fringe" of

Meanwhile, the Municipality, apart from not waking up from the sleep of the scorching heat to take measures against the violation of the mutual contract, pours the subsidy covered by the contributions of the ticket payers regularly, every month, to the urban companies.  

The situation has become so difficult that they find themselves in conditions of immutability, not even a single strand of hair, travelers have started individual protests, inside the buses where the lack of air conditioning makes you sweat profusely. On Tuesday, the biggest happened, after the lack of normal conditions, passengers of the "Zoolog" line were added to the confusion of excessive waiting at the stations. Something that had started in the last few days to reach the finale at noon on Tuesday, when the revolt of the passengers broke out inside the buses with the refusal to pay the ticket.

What impresses you in this whole story of the return of buses not to vehicles that guarantee a normal trip, of standards, where you don't feel either the bitter cold of winter or the scorching heat of summer, but a real means of torture, is related to the fact of the total silence of the institutions. Travelers interviewed by CNA.al claimed that they have addressed their complaints to the Municipality of Tirana, which is also the institution that licenses companies to carry out this activity, but they have not received any response.

The fact that the responsible employees of the Municipality, specifically the Consumer Protection Agency, are not complacent, is confirmed by the fact that not even a hair's breadth has changed in the situation. However, the Municipality is not the only one responsible, since obtaining the license is preceded by the presentation of a file with documents issued by a number of other institutions, one of which and the most important one is the General Directorate of Road Transport Service (DPSHTRR), directed for years by Blendi Gonxhe.

A dedicated sector of this directorate certifies, among others, the condition and fulfillment of the technical conditions of the buses, which will be included in the coverage of the urban service of the respective lines. Without this evidence, without the evidence of the DPSHTRR, there is no council and mayor in the Republic to license urban passenger transport service companies, the DPSHTRR obligation is not only in the practice of the initial issuance of the certificate of the technical condition of the buses, but in periodicity.

The directorate of Blendi Gonxhe appreciates the urban "fringe" of

As defined in point 8 a. of INSTRUCTION No. 1649, dated 16/08/1999, of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport/Directorate of road transport policies: "On the fulfillment of some special conditions in the road transport of passengers";

"For the control in fulfilling the conditions in the comfort of buses in the transport of passengers, the body accredited in the field of road motor vehicles and approved by the Minister for the performance of specific activities in this field, after verification in the fulfillment of the conditions of chapter IB, "Travel comfort", issues for each bus the document in accordance with annex 2 of this instruction...".

The directorate of Blendi Gonxhe appreciates the urban "fringe" of

In the following, the same specifies that the act of evaluation in meeting the comfort conditions of buses in the transport of passengers is issued every year, after the bus has successfully completed the mandatory technical control at the technical control center, approved by the Minister responsible for transport and has been equipped with the technical control certificate. The law is clear and definite.

The directorate of Blendi Gonxhe appreciates the urban "fringe" of

If all the institutional links would function according to the legal obligation, everything would be in accordance with the standard and travelers would not have to worry. And then what is being played and what is hidden behind the curtain of documentary fictitiousness, which keeps the "cartel" of flagrant violators of the legislation on the operation of urban passenger transport going unpunished?! /CNA.al


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