The document, the Tirana incinerator lacks 80 million euros of investment

2023-07-16 10:32:00, Denoncim CNA

The document, the Tirana incinerator lacks 80 million euros of investmentJournalist Elvi Fundo has released a document in the "Review" show on Euronews Albania, the investment that had to be made for 6 years in the Tirana incinerator.

He emphasized that for 6 years when the Tirana incinerator should have been completed, only 30 million euros were invested out of the 128 million that was signed in the contract.

He further underlined that the Prosecutor's Office should start investigations into the contracts of the incinerators.

"This is part of the concession contract of the Tirana incinerator. The concessionary company has claimed that it would invest 128 million euros in the incinerator of Tirana from its sources of income in 6 years. We only have the first year, 38.5 thousand euros should be invested, in the second year 40.2 million euros, in the third year 20 million euros, in the fourth year 10.533.48 million euros, in the 5th year there are 15.600.147 million euros, in the 6th year, 3,066,813 million euros should be invested. The company has about 100 million euros in revenue. If the work had started when the contract started, the investment should have been completed today. The company has invested only 30 million euros in the incinerator," he said.


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