Soda forest, how the "lung" of Vlora is degenerating 

2023-09-04 21:26:29, Denoncim CNA

Soda forest, how the "lung" of Vlora is degenerating 

"Stop" stopped at Pylli e Soda, which the people of Vlorë consider to be the "lungs" of Vlora. This artificial forest was created in the 60s with the contribution of enterprises and students and has an area of ??about 550 hectares, from Pla?i i Vjetër to Zvërnec, and part of it is a protected area.

What we saw in the Soda Forest is a sad panorama. Trees damaged by nature or by man through fires or felling of trees.

If attention is not paid, very soon we may no longer talk about the Soda Forest.

Niko Dumani, environmentalist, says that in order to preserve the lungs of the city of Vlora, measures must be taken by the local government.

" Its property is not only wood, but also has a strong influence on the ecological indicators of Vlora. The condition is in a degraded status. Degradation also occurs due to natural causes, but natural causes bring degradation over a long period and very slowly. The human factor brings this degradation with an extraordinary speed", he said./ tvklan

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