Denunciation/Batërdi with constructions without permission in Ksamil and Saranda

2023-08-16 21:58:00, Denoncim CNA

Denunciation/Batërdi with constructions without permission in Ksamil and

A strong denunciation was made by the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha regarding constructions without permission.

Referring to the messages of digital citizens, Berisha says that in Ksamil and Saranda, there is a problem with constructions without permission.

According to him, these constructions are being carried out by the government mafia, which has corrupted the municipality, the police and the IKMT.

This denunciation by Berisha comes just a few days after 3 cases of illegal constructions were hit in Ksamil and Saranda.

Full denunciation:

The government mafia is making a fool of itself in Ksamil and Saranda!

Bribes are taken by the Municipality, Police, IKMT.

Denunciation/Batërdi with constructions without permission in Ksamil and

Read the messages and view the photos of the digital citizen. sb

Doctor, I want to denounce some flagrant and corrupt cases in Ksamil. Starting from April in Ksamil, with the blessing of the institutions, dozens of kiosks were set up at night with the aim of legalizing them. For this, huge sums were paid in hand to allow these. The buildings are from the lake area but also at different points in Ksamil. Meanwhile, some permits have been given by the Municipality for street vendors who have set up kiosks and built buildings in these places and have expanded to the point of destroying the environment on purpose after their legalization.

Denunciation/Batërdi with constructions without permission in Ksamil and

Doctor, hello, these constructions without permission that the police caught in the last few days in Ksamil, whose are they and who allowed them? Who gave them a guarantee that they would build, that they were not built within two hours? Who gave them a guarantee that they will be legalized? What about the permits for the ambulants that later turned into bars and restaurants in Sarande and Ksamil, who gave them? There are over 50 constructions without permission from the campaign period onwards that have been allowed in Ksamil with guarantees and permission from whom? SPAK turn your eyes from the authorities of the center and Sarande, the Police, the Municipality and the ASHK of Sarande that the battery is being made

Yesterday, Tao Balla was in Sarande and met with the municipality and the police. In Ksamil, many constructions without permission have appeared. Yes, Balla knows that those buildings also belong to the officials, made with the permission of the municipal and Inuk police. They took those monies, and the next municipality took the ASHK monies, which they legalized and mortgaged. If you look at the names of who owns property in Ksamil, you will find high-ranking officials, MPs, heads of police stations, area inspectors, leaders in the municipality and in Ikmt, and officials from Ashk Sarande./ CNA

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