"She can't see well with her eyes"/ The postal worker steals pensions

2023-09-06 21:36:30, Denoncim CNA

"She can't see well with her eyes"/ The postal worker steals

In December 2021, "Stop" was in Laç for the problem of the Grimci spouses, who showed that a postal worker had stolen 2 months of their pension.

And although we proved that there had been a theft, the director of Laç Post Office did not accept it and resolved the situation by giving the pensioners the missing money.

Two years later, another denunciation comes to us about the post office of Laçi, the office of Sanxhak, where again Lindita Bushi received 5 months' pension of the mother of the declarant in our editorial office.

Bush was born: My mother received her pension in Laç, in Sanxhak, and since 2021, she has lost 5 months of her pension. We found out, because we used to receive our pensions late, for the reason that my mother is sick and my mother lives with me in Tirana, and it was not possible to receive them every time, month by month, regularly. We found out in October 2021 that the lady in question, Lindita Gjoka Bushi, has left and along with her departure, she has also received the pensions of many pensioners. We went and made a complaint to the directorate, we also made a written request for the months that we had lost, and this process continued, dragged on, we didn't find out what was happening. In conclusion, they told us "you will go to Lezha" and file a report at the Prosecutor's Office, and they called us, so that we could go, we mourned together with my mother. From that day until today, we have not received any response. we don't know what is happening She is 87 years old. She needs them for medicine, because if she were a lady, she would stay in her house in Sanjak. 110 thousand Lek was the pension.

The director of the Lac branch, Dilaver Lita, told us in 2021 that the employee had vision problems, but there was no theft.

In fact, after two years, the employee in question is in court for the criminal offense of "committed theft, misusing the duty".  

Today, the director says that with the Court's ruling, the Albanian Post will compensate the pensioners one by one.

Dilaver Lita: It is an event that happened in 2021. The case is in the Prosecutor's Office, as far as I know, it has gone to the Court and the Court has not yet expressed its opinion. According to the Court, the Albanian Post will compensate the pensioners one by one. Even the Albanian Post has made a clarification, once the guilt is proven, immediately all the pensioners will receive the compensation./ tvklan

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