Fiks Fare/ "Electoral Asphalt", the elections are over and the funds are over! The road in Elbasan remains "roads"

2023-09-13 21:04:43, Denoncim CNA

Fiks Fare/ "Electoral Asphalt", the elections are over and the funds

Before the local elections of May 14, 2023, Fiks Fare made an observation about the funds allocated by the municipalities for the "electoral asphalt".

All of them, without exception, make emergency tenders for road paving. The Municipality of Ebasan held several tenders, the largest one was for the purpose of "reconstruction and re-asphalting of the existing condition of roads and squares in the Municipality of Elbasan and in some Administrative Units", with a fund of 151 million ALL or 1.5 million euros.

In the documents, it was written that the "Coha" street would also be paved, in the Gjonme village of the Gjergjan Administrative Unit. On that road went the vehicles of the winning company, "Vëllezërit Hysa", modeled the avlli of the residents, made some wells that they left open, made the paving with cobblestones and ran away. The funds ran out, at a time when it is written in the documents that it should be paved with asphalt.

Fiksi went to that road, where he found that the works were left half-finished, the wells were open, the courtyards of the houses were broken and it was not paved with asphalt. "The tools of the firm 'Vëllezrit Hysa' arrived. They broke the avlli, make some adjustments. The works were done before the local elections. They did everything for votes. After the elections were over, they left and were never seen here again. They left the wells open, filled them with stones. Children have also fallen in those places, they are in danger every day. No one takes measures" say the residents, as they assert that "now the bride (elections) is gone, no one remembers them".

After these complaints, Fiks journalists go to the Municipality of Elbasan, but no one gives information. Fiksi calls Resul Hoxha, Administrator of the Gjergjan Unit. The administrator says that work was done even after the elections, while admitting that the winning firm has left. He claims that now it is administrative work, that is, of the municipality and the company, and that the residents have no connection. The journalists inform them that the residents live on that street, with open wells with broken avli and they are the most affected. He says that the asphalt will be done, but the company has asked for more money. Therefore, the fund has requested additional funds. To the question that the Municipality of Elbasan made a mistake in the preventive works, the one made before the elections, the answer is that there were unforeseen works and that it requires more funds. Asked several times by Fiksi journalists when it will end, before the next election or there is another deadline. He says it will be done very soon.

Fiks Fare contacted the company "Vëllezërit Hysa", asking why the works were left in the middle. In response, the firm says that the contract was signed in February 2023 and COHA was among the routes. According to them, during the implementation of the works, some problems were identified that were resolved with the Gjergjan Administrative Unit. The problems were with the demolition of the walls of the cistern, with the potable water collector and with the displacement of the irrigation channel. To the question of when it will be asphalted, the company says that for technical but also economic reasons, the asphalting will be done simultaneously with some other roads and within the year 2023!

Meanwhile, Fiksi asked the firm why it requested additional funds? In response, the firm says that there was no request for an increase in the value of the contract, as these issues were resolved within the total value of the contract. But Unit Administrator Gjergjan had different information. "The contract and the legal basis make it impossible to change the value and even less to increase its value without the development of a procurement procedure" is stated in this answer./ tch

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