Stop/ Start studying musical instruments in 9-year schools

2023-09-11 21:30:19, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ Start studying musical instruments in 9-year schools

The concern of a parent returned from emigration has reached the editorial office of the show Stop on TV Klan. The lady says that she failed to enroll the child in the 9-year basic education, so that the child could continue studying the musical instrument.

The lady has knocked at the "Servete Maçi" and "Dëshmorët e Lirisë" schools in Tirana, where, in addition to basic education, lessons for musical instruments are held.

"I am a mother of an 8-year-old child who has just returned from emigration. We lived there for many years and now we are back in Albania. This year my child has to enter the second grade, because he finished the first grade in Italy, he did basic education plus a musical instrument that he has a passion for, which is the cello. I asked everywhere where he could continue his basic education, but at the same time continue his passion with the musical instrument. Everyone told me the names of the two schools, which is the school "Servete Maçi" and "Martyrs of Freedom". I first went to "Servete Maçi", I was interested and they told me no, we only have the 9-year-old and we do not offer the musical instrument part. I went to the other school, I got the same answer. Of course I will send my son to school because I will not leave him without an education,

In the 9-year-old school "Servete Maçi", a new building with 8 individual rooms for the study of the instrument, the director of the institution denies that musical instruments are made there.

Citizen - How was your time as director?

Citizen - I have my sister's daughter, who studied abroad, is in second grade this year. He studied there, now he has to come to Albania. She is artistically inclined, plays the violin. He learned there. How to register it?

Director - Children, who come from immigration, go to the local education office once.

Director – A request is made. The local education office examines the documentation, because they are the specialists who...

Principal - As for the instrument, this year for the second grade, I don't have an instrument. So, if she studies, she should definitely go to Lyceum!

Citizen - Does it fit here or not?

The director - No! It's not high school here. In second grade, I don't have an instrument. I don't have any students with instruments. So it has to be the class, for her to do solfege lessons, to make an instrument, and since she has the violin, they will ask me, but I don't.

Stop also went to the other school "Martyrs of Freedom", where there has been no competition for musical instruments for two years.

Citizen - I have my sister's daughter. He was in Italy at school, he finished the second grade there.

Citizen - He will come here now for third grade.

Citizen – It's for the violin and I want to...

N / Director – To continue!

N / Headmistress – Yes, you must bring those notes!

Citizen - Agree, I came to talk to him in advance.

N / Director - Then you will go to the directorate!

Citizen - She falls in the third grade, because she finished the second grade there.

N / Headmistress – Coming to third grade? How do we have the third classes? Yes we have, where do we put it.

Citizen – And is it registered? I have to enter a competition, how about you?

N / Director – We will listen to it, what level is it. Has he been there, did he take a music course? Or was he in music school?

N / The headmistress - Has she done solfeggio?

Citizen - Yes, normal, what he did.

N / Director - That is to say, it is about these other subjects. I mean, those other subjects also do solfege...

Citizen - Yes, that's why I came here to this school, because they told me that it is a music school.

N / Director – Yes! Yes! come here then

N / Director - Then, you will notarize the documents you have! You will go to the Educational Directorate, so that they can do the conversion, things and through them, you will make the entry into the system! They will say, how will you continue, then come to us!

These two schools have produced music artists for more than 50 years, but this will not happen again. For the education expert Ndriçim Mehmeti, this is one and the same injustice for the future streams in high school.

"For me this is a big surprise. First, when the school was reconstructed, we were told that we would do it especially for them, and there was a whole reconstruction in which individual study facilities were created. Which means it is close to that school which has a great tradition. "Servete Maçi" and "Martyrs of Freedom" have an extraordinary tradition, with students who have finished school and have seen high school as a continuation. We have amended the education law in which we say we will give schools sports and artistic direction. Now you have a school with an artistic direction and it doesn't give the direction you want. How will other schools do? We cannot throw away a number of excellent specialists that school had and still has. So there have been pianists, violinists, people who have made a name for themselves. How can it? It is a very big surprise. Today, finally, the decisions made in schools do not have a legal basis, because there should have been a legal basis for closing this school for this reason and giving this direction. Can not",says the expert Ndriçim Mehmeti./ tvklan

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