Sells products in a private clinic without an invoice/ Director: It's on the ground!

2023-09-08 22:03:27, Denoncim CNA

Sells products in a private clinic without an invoice/ Director: It's on

The former President of the Professional Order of Veterinarians denounces the June elections for the new president in "Stop".

According to him, Ervin Resuli was illegally elected to the head of this institution, who did not meet the criteria defined in the law and statute.

Resuli managed to become president, although he was excluded as a candidate for the National Council.

"60 days ago I announced the general elections. Out of 27 candidacies were presented to the Central Electoral Commission, which at the meeting of May 23 analyzed, examined everything on the basis of the declaration of candidacy, and the result was that 26 candidacies were approved, while 1 candidacy was disqualified for the reason that the laws that set the tasks were not fulfilled. and statute. The one who was expelled was the representative of Fier District, Ervin Resuli. On the 29th, with decision number 10, the Central Electoral Commission reconvened and, without any new argument, reintroduced Mr. Ervin Resuli, who was disqualified on the 23rd. The Council mandated him and this president was elected President of the Veterinary Order. Precisely because he publicly attacked the Order. The orientation of the Council to choose the one that was in violation is an insult and insult to the institution," he said.

" I voted against because I was in sync with the first movement. We have made a mistake as the National Council headed by the President and the Vice President who have elected him and still have not made the documents available. I voted against only because of the way the person penetrated them. Because legally I could not stop it. They were not members of the National Council. I know the procedure of how they are resolved and I do not forgive myself that we have accepted it and I have reached out. I did not know that they did not make it available to us because there is no personal permit ", said the head of the Election Commission.

Ervin Resuli is not the only veterinarian in the family. His wife practices the same profession, and even has a clinic in her name as a business in Fier.

But during the time that she is in the clinic in Fier, she should have been at work in the Regional Directorate of Veterinary and Plant Protection in Vlora.

We found Mrs. Resuli at the clinic, where she sells products with suspicious tax invoices.

Orgesa Beqari: It is for 1 and a half liters of water and costs 2500 ALL.

Client: Now teach me how to…

Orgesa Beqari: Then all this will be thrown away with 1 and a half liters of water. All this will be thrown away and the dogs will only be sawed in the back, from the ears to the tail! Only above, not below the belly!

Customer: Good! Many thanks!

Orgesa Beqari: Thank you! 

Customer: How much does that "road" cost? (medicine for olives)

Saleswoman: Then it's not that it's rugor, rugor exactly, I have this one, which we use for olives and this one. You have this with 5 liters of water and you have this for 100 liters of water.

Saleswoman: Prepare an invoice for Astelia! (medicine for olives)

Saleswoman: How much should I make the bill? 5?

Client: Or make it 10, do it! Can you do it for 10,000 Lek?

Orgesa Beqari: I do it, don't worry!

Orgesa Beqari: Do you want it against a firm, or just a tax coupon?

Customer: Tax coupon, how much for it... I made 10 thousand lek!

While in the state work, the director says that the lady is in the field. 

Citizen: I am looking for a specialist, an Orgesa, veterinarian. Is here?

Director: Yes! Who are you? Bye!

Citizen: I want to meet him, ask him about something, man!

Director: Yes, they are in the field, that's why.

Citizen: Huh, they are in the field. When do they come?

Director: They come in the morning and go to work. This is where the control inspectors are, and the field control is an institution that disperses in the morning. Here are the finances.

Citizen: Tomorrow morning I will find Gesa, shall I come?

Citizen: Okay! Shall I come tomorrow morning, man?

Director: Hey, I'm the director, that's why I'm telling you./tvklan

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