Scandalous scenes/ No bread, shower and overcapacity: The psychiatric hospital in Vlora as Hitler's camp

2023-09-19 21:28:41, Denoncim CNA

Scandalous scenes/ No bread, shower and overcapacity: The psychiatric hospital

According to a 2021 audit by the SSC at the Vlora "Ali Mihali" Psychiatric Hospital, financial violations were found, amounting to 400 million old Lek during the years 2017-2020.

This hospital was recently invested by the Ministry of Health and is divided into two services, acute and chronic. What happens with chronic service conditions is scandalous to say the least.

"Inside this hospital is the ward for chronic patients. In that ward, what does not happen, the chronically ill live in inhumane conditions ", said the whistleblower.

For the men's ward, the capacity is 14 patients, but a total of 41 patients are kept there. For most of the day, the sick are left outside because it cannot handle all 41 patients. The images that come there are truly scandalous.

The women's pavilion is in even worse conditions. The facilities where patients are treated there are inhumane. Everything minimal is missing there.

Women have their hair cut short because of parasites. 51 women with mental problems have to bathe in one bathroom and one shower. Only one tap works there.

The beds are broken, soiled with excrement, and despite complaints, no action has been taken.

According to KLSH, financial violations have been found in the maintenance of the hospital facility, where it appears that expenses have been incurred, but the conditions where the patients live make this investment a bluff.

"For me it is unacceptable. I had to denounce this phenomenon because it can no longer be tolerated. They are human despite having problems. They have the right to be cured, to receive medication just like any other patient", said the whistleblower.

The HSC report also highlights the abuse of patient food and the lame service of the laundry.

The food does not have the right quality, it is even served outside, on the ground without a spoon.

Even in the distribution and cooking of food, KLSH has found financial violations. According to the auditors, the basic principles of this service, which is vital for patients, are not fulfilled.

As for the laundry, the hospital has given this service to a private entity. Due to the disease, some patients defecate in bed, which remains wet for days as they are not clothed and cleaned by the staff. Impurity prevails in these two wards. The mattresses are full of urine and feces, the stench stinks all the way out onto the main street.

The audit also found financial violations here. Items are marked by piece and not specific weight.

In this hospital, there have been other abuses with diets and fictitious trips for the rehabilitation of patients. But according to the KLSH audit, those invoices are fictitious. "Stop" has learned that the director of this hospital has exercised psychological violence against the head nurse, the social worker and the psychologist, who were forced to sign these fictitious diets.

" According to my knowledge, patients have traveled to Valbona, but these patients have not actually gone. It has become fictitious, it is more understandable. If these patients live in miserable conditions, you see them unwashed, they don't use diapers, you see them in terrible conditions, do you think they will take them for trips to Valbona? It is understandable that not ", said a whistleblower.

Regarding diets, KLSH has discovered that it was abused with the repair of two vehicles, with the liters of fuel spent in discrepancy with the real consumption. According to KLSH, the psychiatric hospital "Ali Mihali" in Vlora has an economic damage of about 400 million old Lek.

The director who has been in charge of this hospital for 5 years, is Olta Ganaj, a name not unknown to the public.

She ran away from her position as director of the Vlora Orphanage, after the broadcast of her financial abuses on "Stop".

On May 1, 2018, "Stop" investigated the abuses of orphaned children in Vlora and the financial abuse of this institution, where at that time the director was Olta Ganaj.

"Stop" has evidenced from the audit of KLSH, that there are several private companies that have won the cleaning, maintenance and food tender. The names of these companies are different, but they have one thing in common, the administrator. According to the investigation, it turns out that it is Alma Tafaj.

Until now, there is no information about what investigations the prosecutor's office has done for this economic and social damage, since patients are treated worse than animals./ tvklan

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