"You don't remove the door?"/ The citizen finds another buyer with works in her brother's house

2023-09-14 22:12:36, Denoncim CNA

"You don't remove the door?"/ The citizen finds another buyer

Some time ago, the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan broadcasted the case of fraud by the builder Sabri Shera. In the area near the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana, Sabri Shera, administrator of the construction company "AA Konstruksion", in 2015 made an offer to the citizen Shpëtim Mëniku that in exchange for the place where he had his house, he would build the palace and when the building was finished, Shpëtim, as the owner of the plot would be equipped with an apartment on the third floor, 55 m2. The parties concluded a donation contract. Now the builder, not only did not adhere to this contract, but it turns out that he sold the apartment several times.

MARCH 30, 2023 – The reporter of "Stop" confronted the builder:

Sabri Shera:  Why do you do these things to us like this, Ela. O Ela, now we clarify them together.

Reporter:  You have led them to a dead end. Why did you do these things?

Sabri Shera:  Please leave me alone. Now leave me alone.

Manuela Mêniku:  Who is Beri, brother?

Journalist:  You are an adult, civilized, what do you have to hide? Why did you not keep your promise according to the terms of the contract, you are an investor Mr. Sabri.

Sabri Shera:  Don't do this to me now man.

Journalist:  You are an investor...

Sabri Shera:  Please don't confuse me with this work now. Don't steal from my back. Will you leave me alone?

"Stop" is back for the problem of Mrs. Manuela Mëniku, who finds the other buyer doing work in her brother's house.

Manuela Mëniku, whistleblower: Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I have to call you back! And, please, I want you to come to me again!

Manuela Mëniku, whistleblower:  Will you work tomorrow?

Resident: Go away, because I'm on my land! I am on my land, I have it with documents.

Manuela Mëniku, whistleblower:  No, no, no, you have it..., I don't care at all! Will you still work there at the entrance?

Manuela Mëniku, whistleblower:  At the entrance, will you work again?

Manuela Mëniku, whistleblower:  It's yours. OK fine. In a word, you will not remove the door? Oh, the document, where do you have it? The mortgage, where do you have the mortgage? Who said that? Stay there! Okay! OK!

Manuela Mëniku, whistleblower:  I don't want to leave!

Resident: You have nothing to do with me. Go talk to Sabri!

Manuela Mëniku, whistleblower : No, no, I have nothing to do with you, you have to do with Sabri. You have to do with Sabri, not me.

Manuela says that she was called to the prosecutor's office and thanks to the "Stop" show, the doors of the institutions were opened for her. Prosecutor Arben Agovi explained the solution to her problem.

Manuela Mëniku: This is the entrance, it's closed, the works continue, they don't have any responsibility, they don't count the state anymore. He says that "I am a land owner". This is a landowner for his own land and not the entire palace. This is our part. He is entitled to his own. Sabriu deceived him, he is not at fault at the moment because he gave him a piece of contract paper, at a time when we have the contract registered in the mortgage. They don't understand that this concern of mine also helps them that they are without documentation. He made 2-3 contracts for the same entry. They are all damaged for this part. Shero won't even answer my phone. My brother has the right to his own house there.

He is the only prosecutor who explained exactly this part to me. His name was Arben Agovi. He told me all the procedures that they were following and told me about all the things that will continue through Sabri Shero. He had submitted all the paperwork to the ASHK. He had also made the request to continue. It is ongoing. I thank you very much because through you the doors of the state institutions of this country have been opened to me. You are a wonderful media, may God protect you and take you higher and higher because of you, I have reached this point to solve my brother's problem that he was taken out on the street with all 2 children./ tvklan . al

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