Stop/ Kleçkat kthejnë miliona në bashki, qytetari 6 muaj pa pagesën e kempit

2023-09-15 22:12:02, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ Kleçkat kthejnë miliona në bashki, qytetari 6 muaj pa

Emisioni Stop në Tv Klan ka udhëtuar drejt qytetit të Fierit pas ankesës së ardhur nga qytetari Fran Ukcamaj. Bashkëshortja e tij Liljana Ukcamaj është me statusin e para e tetraplegjikut.

Zonja e ka fituar këtë status në Korrik 2022. Por nga Korriku e deri në Dhjetor 2022, Frani nuk ka mundur të tërheqë as pagesën e paraplegjikut e as të kujdestarit, për shkak të kleçkave që i nxjerr banka.

Nga Janari pagesa i kaloi në postë normalisht, por problemi janë 6 muajt e kaluar ose mbi 2 milionë Lekë të vjetra që nuk ka mundur t’i tërheqë.

"From July 2022 to December were the months to take, 6 months to take. I went to the bank with a power of attorney thinking that it will be accepted that I am officially a guardian. They said you will fall here. She is on a stretcher, not even in a wheelchair. He can't see and his hands don't work. I would try to take it, but when they told me that the identity card had expired and they don't do this. We don't even accept a certificate, we don't even accept your power of attorney. I was forced to leave the money. The municipality, seeing these other phenomena, terminated the contract. And they told me that since the contract is terminated, you will receive them in January, it's not a problem, as I normally receive them now in the mail. 2 and a half million remained unpaid, 8 months of custody payment. In 4-5 hours, the sanitary workers come, I am busy all day. There is no greater sacrifice, I wouldn't wish this diagnosis even on my enemy."says husband Fran Ukcamaj.

The Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Fier, Eleni Gjikondi, talks about an obstacle they encountered after returning the lek from the bank, since the municipality is unable to use it without the approval of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health.

"We are at the stage when the funds have been returned from the bank, they have been returned as a block to the non-tax income account, but since they have been returned to the block, we cannot use this income. We will ask for an assistance from the Directorate of Social Service, from the Ministry of Health and from the Ministry of Finance on how we can act, what will be the procedure to act on these cases. In case we will have delays, until the next meeting of the council we will examine it and look at the decision we will make, which I believe will solve this problem very quickly" , says the deputy mayor of Fier Municipality.

Gjikondi promised that at the next meeting of the Municipal Council they will try to solve the problem of Mr. Fran Ukcamaj./ tvklan

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