Drugs and prostitution with 16-year-olds at massages/ The former sex worker: The owners cooperate with the police

2023-09-21 23:04:15, Denoncim CNA

Drugs and prostitution with 16-year-olds at massages/ The former sex worker: The

Under the guise of a massage center, prostitution is practiced, and drugs are even sold to clients. At work, the owners of these so-called massage centers also take minors and use them for the pleasures of the customers.

Everything is carried out without any hindrance from the state, even the latter ensure the continuity of this type of prostitution by means of cash payments.

After the latest denunciation in Fiks Fare, another interview broadcast on Thursday evening sealed what this show has been denouncing for a long time.

A former sex worker in these massage centers recounted in an interview what happens inside the walls of these centers, the way of recruitment, payments, sale and consumption of narcotics, but above all the cooperation of the owners of these centers with the leaders of the State Police .

Girl: I'm Erika, I came to your show because of the video that came out a few days ago. That of prostitution in massage centers. I am a former employee and I worked for a year as a sex worker in one of these centers. I worked at the Paris Municipality center for about 8-9 months.

Fiction – How did you get recruited to work at the massage center?

Drugs and prostitution with 16-year-olds at massages/ The former sex worker: The

The girl - In the announcement that the center issued on Instagram. In the notice it was written, that we are looking for a masseuse, a satisfactory salary plus a percentage.

Girl - Yes, I am. But there was no massage at this center. Prostitution was practiced there. When I went for the interview, the owner KM came to me. She took me to the interview and told me that extra services are offered here and told me the prices of her center.

Fiction - How were you paid for the work you did?

Girl - When we made extra, we were paid 60,000 lek (old).

Fiction - What does extra mean?

GirlExtra! Sex. Of these 40,000 (old) was taken by the owner of the premises.

Fiction - How are other girls recruited in these massage centers?

GirlThrough social networks that posted job announcements and through other girls who worked there. They are mainly from the districts and from Tirana.

Drugs and prostitution with 16-year-olds at massages/ The former sex worker: The

Fiction - How old are they?

Girls - Their age starts from the minors they had at work. 16-17 years younger and reached up to 23-25 ??years.

Fiction - Have they ever used violence against you and other girls where you worked?

Girl - Physical violence no, but psychological violence yes. We have had cases where we didn't want to offer extras to the customers we were entering and the owners forced us to do extras with that type of customer.

Girl - Because that was the situation there, they treated you like a rag, used you. If you were late to work, they didn't even give us a percentage. They told us that you have plenty of money for tips that you receive from the client. Even from tips, they required a certain percentage to pay the state. 10k (old), 20k (old) for every customer we made extra, we would leave them at the end of the day at the counter.

Drugs and prostitution with 16-year-olds at massages/ The former sex worker: The

Fix - Was the center where you worked a licensed massage center?

GirlNo, there was no Nipt. We did not have insurance, we worked in the dark

Fiksi - During the 1 year that you worked there, did the police ever come to check?

Girl - The police have come, but with a warning.

Fiction - What do you mean by warning?

Girl - They called our owner, that the police will come. After there were many complaints from the residents of the building. We were working until 2 am and there was a lot of noise. The owner warned us to collect things, condoms, drugs, whatever we had that were illegal, so that the police would find us clean.

Fiction - Were narcotics consumed inside this center?

GirlYes, the cocaine kind. 1 gram cost 80 thousand lek (old).

Fiction - How did you get the drugs?

Drugs and prostitution with 16-year-olds at massages/ The former sex worker: The

The girl - A friend of the owner's husband brought her. As the center was run by a family. The owner, her husband, the owner's brother and the owner's brother-in-law.

Fiction - What are these people called?

GirlsM. R, AR, KM and Xh. M.. If you search on the internet, MR was also convicted for this, for exploitation of prostitution and exploitation of minors in his premises. They have 4 centers and not 1 and 2.

Fixi - Have you ever consumed narcotics in this center? Willingly or..?

Girl - There have been cases. I only used it reluctantly because I had to keep the client who was using narcotics. I had to keep the customer as much as possible, otherwise K. ..(the owner) would yell at us on the phone.

Fiction – Why did you leave that center?

Girl - It was an unbearable environment, it was a very dirty environment. It was no longer pushed there. Despite being needy, you cannot be used by the other in that kind of way.

Drugs and prostitution with 16-year-olds at massages/ The former sex worker: The

These massage centers worked quietly because the police did not harass them. The girl tells how the owners cooperated with police officers, how they paid them. The girl makes strong accusations and mentions many names in this confession of hers. Fiks Fare will make the full confession of the girl available to the prosecution and the police in order not to compromise the investigation.

Fiksi - You said a little while ago that the owners of these centers cooperate with the police?

The girl - Yes, it's A... who used to go out in the field and come and check on us. I know that he is a traffic specialist in the Directorate of Tirana. Even A... who is the deputy director of the Tirana Police

Fiction - How were the police officers rewarded by the owners of these centers?

The girl - They gave her a certain monthly salary. The figure was very high. Somewhere around 10,000-20,000 euros. As I told you before, the money that we left from the extras was not much collected.

Fiksi - Have you ever seen the police taking money inside the center, or the way they pay the police?

Girl - I have seen the owner, who spoke on the phone and met her at their places, never at work. Communication was done on WhatsApp and was coded. She often told us in the communication she had with A... to give us assurance that the police are not harassing you. And he was telling us that he is going to see the boss to give him the payment. Keep up the quiet work. And in fact we have had no problems.

Fiction – What did these police officers or leaders offer them?

Girl - Security. That we wouldn't end up appearing in the news, or ending up in jail, nothing. Even in the directorate, when they took us, they kept us for even 30 minutes and let us go again half of the time they found us clean.

Fiksi - For the 1 year you worked there, how many times did they accompany you to the directorate?

Girl3-4 times. The only reason was the denunciations of the residents of the building where the center is located. We kept very little, went out and returned to the center and continued working normally until 2 in the morning.

Fiction – You said a little above that the police came from time to time for checks. Why did the police come when they were paid?

Drugs and prostitution with 16-year-olds at massages/ The former sex worker: The

The girlThey came to clean themselves, that is, we came that the denunciation was made, but they found nothing. Normally because they would notify K… (the owner) and she would take us to warn us. We cleaned the area and waited for the policemen with open arms.

Fiction - These are serious accusations that you make against these people. Do you have facts about what you said so far?

GirlThis is the truth, it's not an accusation. I have conversations with the owner where she tells me not to worry, we are safe. The conversation he made openly on the phone.

Fiction - Have you asked for help from the state?

Girl - Yes, I have contacted many places, but I have not received an answer. I contacted Spak, AMP and other leaders who are above the blue uniforms. I got their contacts on their official websites that they posted for complaints from citizens.

Fiction – Have you heard back from them?

Girl - Only Ardi Veliu answered me: Thank you for your trust and we will follow it. I have the messages on my phone. I also contacted Met Rrumbullaku, but I have not received an answer.

Girl - No, I have no fear. I have left this profession.

Fiksi – What are you looking for from Fiks Fare?

Girl - Asked Fiksi, to remain anonymous, and expose these people who have been convicted once for this criminal offense and still continue to exploit minor girls and enrich themselves with narcotics and exploitation of prostitution. I want you to do what the state is not doing./ tch

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