"2 thousand Euro fee"/ The nurse promises a license, takes the money and runs away to Germany

2023-09-27 21:26:26, Denoncim CNA

"2 thousand Euro fee"/ The nurse promises a license, takes the money

In the editorial office of the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan, a citizen was addressed, who says that Igli Peti, head nurse at the ENT department of the trauma hospital, promised to provide him with a nurse's license card, even without taking the exam. For this, the whistleblower gave him 2,000 Euros, but he didn't get the license, nor can he contact Igli anymore, as he blocked him.

Complainant:I migrated abroad for economic reasons and after some time, I was offered a job there as a nurse in the position I had graduated from, but the problem was that I did not have the license due to my personal reasons. I got in touch with Igli Peti, head nurse in the Orology department at the Military Hospital through another person and he offered me help because he had an acquaintance at the QSHA, at the office where licenses were processed and he told me that he will "help you against an amount of 2 thousand Euros". After he told me that "I will help you", I gave him the money and he told me that "in a very short time you will be equipped with a license". At first he told me that "you will get it in a very short time without needing to take the exam". Then he continued with the excuses that "you will register, but you will not enter at all". Then he told me that you will register, you will enter because those are the procedures. Since March 2022 until today, they neither gave me the license nor returned the money and lost all contact with me, so I decided to make it public.

The employee of "Stop" met with Igli Peti, who admitted that he has received the money, but promises that he will finish the service he undertook, as he knows a person at the Educational Services Center. Igli said that everything would end in August.

Citizen:  How was your day?

Igli Peti:  Come on!

Citizen:  I am brother-in-law ix!

Igli Peti: Yes! Come! To license?

Citizen:  Yes!

Igli Peti:  Yes!

Citizen: You know, that has ruined a lot of work for him.

Igli Peti: Now, he hasn't entered.

Citizen: How will it be entered? Where will it fit?

Igli Peti: Is it in Germany?

Citizen: Yes! If you do, at least return the money, man!

Igli Peti: I will return the money to him, but she with the thought that he did not enter once and she would do it for him. Do you understand now?

Citizen:  You told him about Mars.

Igli Peti:  Okay then!

Citizen:  Passed for June.

Igli Peti: I know, she is now on the August list, I will talk and if so, you will come like that..!

Citizen: So how are we going to do it?

Igli Peti:  I will talk to x!

Citizen:  Explain to me, what will happen? How do you want…?

Igli Peti:  I will talk to x.

Citizen:  Yes!

Igli Peti:  You will give X my number!

Citizen:  Yes!

Igli Peti:  In August, I will tell her that she has 2-3 licenses to do. Now we will call X, if he will be present. Otherwise, we will return the money. If he wants to get in by himself, when he did it the first time, he didn't get in. You understand, in the system.

Citizen:  Well, he didn't enter. You didn't get the certificate, nor...

Igli Peti:  Well, this one told me to do it, if you weren't present when it was done with... he should put it in the exam! Do you understand me? How will we act? Otherwise, I will talk to her to get them. (Money)

Citizen:  Do you still have the contact there?

Igli Peti:  I have the contact, yes, because I deal with these. It becomes now. She will talk to him, because she has physiotherapy, medicine, dentistry. Now I will talk to him and I will tell you, I will answer back. This week. Do you understand me?

Citizen:  Is the same fee still available? Does the fee change?

Igli Peti:  The same fee, there is no...

Citizen:  Are we still at 2,000 euros?

Igli Peti:  Those are the fees, but I will talk to x, I will explain to x, how the conversation is and I will tell you. Good?

But even in August, Igli did not fulfill his obligation and cut off communication.  

Citizen:  How are you? Igli is not?

Doctor:  Who?

Citizen:  Igli!

Doctor:  No, Igli is on duty now, isn't he.

Citizen: When is it coming?

Doctor:  I don't know when he is there, is he on leave, isn't he? I don't know, because I'm a doctor, that's why.

The reporter of the show "Stop" tries to contact him by phone, but to no avail.

Telephone answering machine: The number you are looking for is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later!

In September, "Stop" goes to the Trauma Hospital again, but learns that Igli has surrendered and gone to Germany.

Citizen:  Is there no one here at the Chief Nurse? I wanted Eagle!

Nurse:  Ah, Igle has been removed. He handed it over. This is.

Citizen:  Where did Igli go?

Nurse:  Igli? In Germany!

Citizen:  He fled to Germany, huh?

Nurse:  Yes! /tvclan

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