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He did not justify the property/ The Administrative judge is dismissed

2022-07-29 12:04:00, Vetingu CNA
He did not justify the property/ The Administrative judge is dismissed
Emiljano Ruli

The Independent Qualification Commission has dismissed the judge of the Administrative Court, Emiljano Ruli. 

The latter was re-evaluated by the Troupa headed by Olsi Komici with rapporteur Xhensila Pinen and member Valbona Sanxhaktari.

After the reopening of the investigations and the mitigation of the negative balance in the wealth criterion, Ruli had not proved the contrary of the burden of proof.

According to Birn, the judge was informed at the second hearing that KPK had accepted his arguments and had found that a loan worth 4 million lek taken for the purchase of an apartment was from legal sources.

But the Commission, as the relator said in the session, still stood by the opinion that Ruli's father had no income for the other loan in the amount of 3 million ALL. Ruli, who was found in the first session with a negative balance of 8.2 million lek, disputed the finding and insisted that his father had income.

The judge was also asked for explanations on some issues in the criterion of professionalism.

Emiljano Ruli completed his studies at the School of Magistracy in 2006 and was appointed a judge in the Court of Shkodra. Since 2013, Ruli has been working in the Administrative Court of First Instance in Tirana. Gerrit Sprenger was present as an international observer at the session./CNA.al

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