Pearl letter/ The former MP "owns" the "magic" formula, how to win against the Czech Republic

2023-09-20 14:22:00, Satire Politike CNA
Pearl letter/ The former MP "owns" the "magic" formula, how
Hello Jenisheri

Former deputy Selami Jenisheri, in his pearl letter, which should be "appreciated" and taken very "seriously" by President Armand Duka, asks the latter to take his "magic" formula and the football team to apply it in the match with the Czech Republic.

Jenisheri says that from his training the footballers will get very high levels of technique and that is compared to what FIFA calls the best in the world and which has been voted by FIFA directors.

This letter is up for auction, as the biggest football teams would give anything to know the magic winning formula from Selami Jenisheri.

But don't despair, because Jenisheri will throw the magic formulas in a book that, according to him, will be progress in the world of football literature.

Selami Jenisher's letter

I am writing to you, I am Selami JENISHEHRI, coach, honorary member of the "Vllaznia" Shkodër club, former advisor to the coaches of the national team, but also to the coach of our women's national team, and the deputy of the Albanian Assembly of the IX Legislation his. In this position, I did a study that makes ordinary footballers to the level where they can be called to the national team.

This type of training is the custom experiment of the F.SH.F. successfully, where from this training the footballer gets very high technical levels and thus they were sold, becoming millionaires. The coaches of the European federations have been made aware of this training and with them we have compared this with what FIFA says is the best in the world by the vote of the technical directors of the FIFA federations. These trainers have said that my training is better than what FIFA knows today.

Since the Albania-Czech match is more important, I am asking you that for the gathering days for this match, I will make it available to the football players of our national team, according to the technical directorate of the F.SH.F. and for the coaches of the national team to see for themselves that mine is the best in the world and this will ensure the victory in the Albania-Czech match, because this training makes the footballers know how to dribble 2-3 players in a row when they have an opponent in front and when the opponent knows my rule and he (no matter what) they will be very high in the accuracy of headers, they will be super bombers and super accurate in passes and shots, they will be unbeatable defenders when learn the rules of my training, where everything is new to the world football literature. I wish you would believe as much as possible and accept that YOU personally meet me, which makes the victory over the Czech Republic and the qualification of Albania 100% certain. It will be clear that everything I know is far above what the coaches of the staff of our national team know and the game of Albania will be such that it has never been seen, so I have started writing a book that will be progress in the rank of world football literature.

Pearl letter/ The former MP "owns" the "magic" formula, how

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