Mahmudija starts the movement/ We want Evi Kokalari at the head of the DP

2023-05-19 20:31:00, Satire Politike CNA
Mahmudija starts the movement/ We want Evi Kokalari at the head of the DP
Evi Kokalari

A new movement, which has its traces some time ago, has started within the opposition.

Mahmudija, a prominent personality within the opposition, has requested that Evi Kokalari come to head the DP.

According to Mahmudije, Evis Angelakis or Evi Kokalari, the Albanian-American who went across the ocean a few years ago, who has strong ties with the conservatives, can solve the issue in the DP. According to her, Evi Kokalari has many virtues.

"First, he gathered around himself all the charlatans who are paid by the media of Prime Minister Edi Rama. She is known as a person with strong ties to the mayor of Tirana.

On the other hand, Kokalari is a determined conservative and with her strong connections in the State Department, she can make the DP come to power.

Meta and Berisha can't bring it, Luli no no no. Now Evi Kokalari with her powerful connections with the government and power, with the unstoppable services she is doing to her is ready. Therefore, the personality who should take the direction of the DP is ready ," said Mahmudija.

Mahmudija, smiling and happy, hopes that Evi, like a real political volcano, will come and destroy the Renaissance in Tirana and take the party from the clutches of Berisha and Meta, to bring it to power together with its Tirana conservatives. although most of them are servants of the prime minister.

Anyway, the important thing is that soon we will have the distinguished friend, Evi Kokalari, even closer to the voters, after the latter's request to take the leadership of the DP./ CNA.al

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