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Korça wakes up with Nertili as mayor

2023-05-15 16:47:00, Satire Politike CNA
Korça wakes up with Nertili as mayor
Photomontage - The Prefect of Korça, Nertil Jole, in the background the Municipality of Korça

Believe it or not the democrats, let the socialists say what they want, insult the Ballistas, deny the communists, but today Korça woke up with its new mayor, Nertil Jolen.

This visionary and selfless boy, this star that shines even when there is sun, although the moon fades even when there are no clouds, finally realized his dream.

Nertili was elected mayor today.

Whoever wants to laugh, whoever wants to cry. Nertili is the man of the future of Korça, its prefect who sacrificed everything to be mayor.

He went to the campaign every day, met hundreds and thousands of people. Amid applause, cheers, promises, Nertili revealed his electoral program.

Korça wakes up with Nertili as mayor

Now he has nothing else to do, simply to fulfill the promises he made to thousands of people.

The city of Korça will bow every morning. Many will be happy to have Nertili as their leader.

In the morning they will say to him, good morning Mr. President.

Someone began to tell the story of the naked king, but Nertil answered: I am the true king.

Although all this was in the end simple and only a dream of Nertil Jole, the man who a few months ago went to be the prefect of Korça, wanted to become mayor and now he is left simple and only a dreamer with a new dream, nobody he wonders, now he hopes to become an MP.

This is the real Nertil, his dreams always continue./ CNA.al

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