Lul the mayor does not forget us

2023-03-14 14:29:00, Satire Politike CNA
Lul the mayor does not forget us
Lulzim Basha

The President of the Democratic Party congratulated us again. Lulzim Basha does not forget to appear on certain dates, for example on Summer Day, March 8, Valentine's Day and others like this.

Luli, who says that he is not the president of the DP, but has resigned, continues to appear to us always lying to us.

In March 2022, he said that he resigned, that he took a step back for the good of the DP and the Democrats, on the other hand, today, one year later, he wishes us a summer day from social networks as the chairman of the DP.

Yesterday, CNA.al reported that Luli continues to emphasize that he is the chairman of the DP, even though the KZQ asked him for a document and the latter did not sign it out of anger.

Themi nga inati sepse, gjykata Lulin e njeh si kryetar zyrtar të partisë për shkak të konflikteve dhe procedurave të brendshme.

Luli ka dhënë dorëheqjen, por vetëm me gojë, nuk e firmos me letër që të heqë emrin e tij.

Dhe rri e rri e na e kujton që është kryetar i PD-së e thotë pa ndalim, sepse nuk e heq nga rrjetet sociale se është kryetar i PD-së. Nuk shkon në gjykatë e ta heqë emrin e tij dhe të regjistrohet dikush tjetër, por na uron si kryetar zyrtar i Partisë Demokratike.

We all thank Luli, our great chairman. Thank you very much for your congratulations, even though you don't have an office, even though you don't have members, even though you don't have a party. You have a seal and you are the president of the DP on "Facebook" or on "Twitter". Whom others know as president and who they vote for is another thing. You have your job, they have their job./ CNA.al

Lul the mayor does not forget us

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