Father Karlo prepares the documents for retirement

2023-04-04 18:42:00, Satire Politike CNA

Father Karlo prepares the documents for retirement

Father Karlo is preparing the documents for retirement. In the morning he went to Social Security.

- What work have you done these 30 years? - they asked him.

- I only know how to paint and swear, - he said.

- You will get a small pension, - they explained.

- How so? I am an usta, that is, a master in smearing and cursing.

- This profession has a low basic salary.


- That there have been many more people like your work who smear and curse, - they told him.

He ran home upset. The woman was surprised by his explanation. And while they were thinking that they would not end the month with as much alms pension as they would receive, an idea hit them.

- My wife, I found a way to get three or four pensions each month.

- How?

- We will take people to court and win millions and millions.

-Who are you going to put on trial, you Moor?!

-I will go out every morning to the sidewalk of the palace. The neighbor who does not greet me will sue him for insult and mockery. Or whoever yells at the dog will sue him for animal cruelty. While those who talk loudly on their cell phones will be sued for disturbing public peace.

At that moment, his face took on a look of triumph and his yellow bangs were blown over his forehead by a light wind that heralded rain./ CNA.al

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