How does Baba Karlo leave Leka?

2023-04-23 10:08:00, Satire Politike CNA
How does Baba Karlo leave Leka?
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Father Karlon has caught a big scam to make money. That's why he ran to Mamaq's lectures on how to get rich and didn't miss a single day.

He took note of every word he said. He filled three notebooks and started memorizing them. He recited them at home.

One day he went out on the balcony, but the neighbor on the floor above got annoyed and dropped a bucket of water on his head. One day, Sandri, the guard of the palace, went missing. His name is Aleksandër, but he is called Leka for short.

When Baba Karlo heard that he was addressed by this name, he was shocked. He didn't part with her until one day he returned angrily:

- Why are you following me, man?

- I will give you some money.

- That's what they call me, if I don't have panties on my ass, no leka, - answered Alexander.

The climax arrived this week. Father Karlo entered the house smiling. From the corridor he shouted to the woman:

-Finally we will become rich!

- How? - she asked him.

-With this! - and took out the book "The Canon of Lekë Dukagjini" from the bag.

- We will learn how to add money.

The black woman didn't know what to say. He could not explain to him that Lekë Dukagjini has nothing to do with the lek.

Because Papa Carlo is obsessed. Medicines are needed for this, it's not bad at all, the monk said to himself./ CNA.al

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