Baba Carlo, Clockwork and Silicon Ball add to the fines

2023-06-11 09:14:00, Satire Politike CNA
Baba Carlo, Clockwork and Silicon Ball add to the fines

Baba Karlo's wife was surprised because it is Sunday and her husband cannot remove the smile from his face.

- I am happy, - he tells her.

But he does not explain where this great joy comes from.

- Has he got a girlfriend?! she asked herself.

But he laughed it off. He can't get me any more, he calmed down. He endured, he endured, but until this morning. He went to the door, locked it, put the key in his pocket and said to Father Karlo:

-Either explain your happiness to me, or I won't open the door for you to go to the penalty workshop!

Father Carlo, embarrassed, affirmed:

- I feel happiness because the salaries of the president, prime minister, ministers and deputies were doubled. We should do the same, - he spoke quickly.

- You will raise the salaries of the employees, right? Are you going to bankrupt us? - screamed his wife.

- I will double them, I have nothing to do, the fines who are hiding and we pay them are getting ready for strikes and protests! - he said and was laughing again.

-And you are happy?

He sat down in the armchair and clarified:

-Yesterday I met Xhemal Sahatçi, that master of plotting everything. You know that he deals with these dubious jobs and earns money without leaving the office. No flour, no bran, there are some others on the net. They are with our trash friends.

He told me a week ago, Father Karlo, don't sit still, let's raise you twice as well...

-Salaries? - my wife paled.

-No no. Let's double the fines, Sahatçia said. He is giving it to the captain as a recommendation. We are all together, only the silicon butterfly won't, because it tripled before.

The woman took on the color of life. As much as he wanted to ask how it would happen, Father Karlo told him:

- Now I have a meeting with Xhemal Sahatçina and the captain. As soon as we decide how we will increase the fines, I will write an SMS.

- Don't increase them, double or triple them, why is there more than you, that ball fine.

Do the same as the government for salaries, doubling and tripling, - she ordered, then she took out the key from her pocket, opened the door and led the man to the thieves of the day.



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