Father Karlo quarrels with the shoemaker and the barber

2023-05-23 18:20:00, Satire Politike CNA
Father Karlo quarrels with the shoemaker and the barber
Baba Karlo - Illustrative photo

Father Karlo has been wandering from store to store for a week. Do not leave the door without entering. There is a great concern on his face. The wife accuses her of cheating. Spruce and that nun behind him opens her cheeks:

- Father Karlo slipped out of his mind. It's been oi, oi.

When people ask her what happened to Baba Carlos, she does not speak. She gestures to her husband and speaks:

- Yes, you don't leave the store without entering. There is a week that meets every vendor in town.

Some residents of the neighborhood took it seriously, and when Baba Karlo entered Mondi, who fixes the shoes of the old man, they entered and they listened to the dialogue:

Father Karlo: - If someone comes to fix your sneakers, what do you say first?

Mondi: - Welcome, I say.

Father Karlo: - No, wrong, very wrong. You have to tell Saliu to resign!

Mondi: - You are an idiot. What do I have to do with parties, oh?

Father Karlo: - You don't have it, but I do. That this government is keeping me and my tax collector. Therefore, you must definitely say that Saliu should resign.

At this moment, Mondi grabbed a shoe no. 46 and shot Father Karlo in the ass. The black man ran, but as soon as he opened Llaq's razor, a little further on, he entered. He didn't stay long, he ran, but with foam on his face.

- Come on, come on, I'm not going to shave you, but I'm going to circumcise you as well, you and your doggy, the finer - Llaqi shouted at him with his razor raised.

This is how Baba Karlo has been running for a week. Berisha resigns, shouts and shouts. My wife in distress. My husband has slipped away, she wails with oi, oi, and at dinner she can hardly bring him home.

Father Karlo continues happily to walk and fine with his daughter./ CNA.al

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