The DP made the incinerators and the tower

2023-08-07 16:49:00, Satire Politike CNA
The DP made the incinerators and the tower

The scheme is clear, let those who do not understand find it out. The DP made the incinerators.

The story begins like this:

Lulzim Basha had a brother Leli, Mireli, he had a fratelo.

Luli, sitting and eating lunch with his brother, discusses what Dr. Berisha said to him. "Luli, I don't want to see you trash in Elbasan anymore, take this trash out of my eyes."

And he says to Leli: Leli, you can do a good job for the Democratic Party, build us an incinerator in Elbasan and eliminate the garbage there.

The DP made the incinerators and the tower
Elbasan incinerator

Even Leli takes his friend Klodi, whom Luciano Boçi also knew, he was a close friend from the time they worked together at the DP and they start work.

They make some papers, make a company, hop, General Secretary at that time Gazment Bardhi signs you 24 million euros.

Appetite opens, they rush to Fier. What happened in Fier?

In Fier, the project is immediately added. We make 32 million euros. I liked the big one. We tell the doctor that Fieri has more trash than Elbasan and that Elbasan incinerator is not that good. We will make a better one.

The DP made the incinerators and the tower
Fire incinerator

And here we bring some Italians, we start and rush towards Africa.

But on the way we see Tirana. Belind Kelliçi is in Tirana. The latter is very happy to follow the doctor's orders as he tells them.

Meetings and negotiations begin immediately. "Shijak TV", at that time directed by a famous journalist, also comes into play.

Immediately the group gathers and they discuss. How will we do the work to build an incinerator in Tirana?

The solution is found, they go and get the papers and after having a hard discussion with Erla Mëhilli who was by the doctor's side, the scheme is clear.

We will build an incinerator in Tirana, there is no obstacle, but Luli was starting to become a problem.

The DP made the incinerators and the tower
The incinerator of Tirana

Then we have to remove Luli from the scheme, get him out and we will control it ourselves, the party and now that Gazi is leaving, Mul Noka should have more authority.

The scheme looks simple but in fact it is difficult. It begins, the documents are signed. Klodi communicates with Gaz Bardhi, Flamur Noka, Erla Mëhilli, and Belind Këlliçin. The Doctor looks down.

In the meantime, they think and say: "You, Belind, give us a high tower, let's sign it as high as possible, 200 meters in height."

And when you ask the doctor why, he says that when the incinerator hits us, we should have the tower ready for people to lose their minds.

The DP made the incinerators and the tower
The park behind the Opera and Ballet Theater, where the tower will be built

And so it happened, Belindi signed without meeting the council at all, the fee, the concession contract was signed by Mul Noka and we quickly took the millions from the incinerator.

Some time passed and people made a noise.

The media of the Socialist Party started, Karlo Bolino started, "Top Channel" started, big noise against Sali Berisha who had given the incinerators, big noise against Belind Këlliç, big noise against Flamur Noka, big noise until the imprisonment of Lulzim Basha .

The latter escaped because he had signed the incinerators.

That's how it happened. At this moment, after the political prosecution of the Democratic Party, SPAK, sought to arrest the latter, the opposition of Edi Rama became silent as soon as the issue of the tower came out, and immediately Erion Veliaj, Damian Gjiknuri, Engjëll Agaçi and others began to speak under compulsion for this this tower as the social networks mainly controlled by Oerd Bylykbashi, who was the toughest in this battle, reacted.

This is how the debate continued and for a couple of days the incinerator signed by Sali Berisha, Belind Kelliçi, Luciano Boçi, Oerd Bylykbashi and others was forgotten.

But the battle continues for the incinerator and the DP, stolen from its own people, from the friends of Mireli and Klodian Zoto who were all democrats and DP officials during the DP's power that has been going on for 10 years and with a Divided and ruled Socialist Party, which unfortunately cannot be the real opposition in Albania.

But it is the social networks that Oerd Bylykbashi manipulates, together with Belind Këlliçin against Erion Veliaj and Edi Rama.

And the tower that is worth 20 times less than the incinerator affair that takes place on a private property was the wisest solution that Luciano Boçi, together with the doctor, used as a solution against the incinerators.

Let's move forward!

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