2023-11-19 12:26:00, Opinione Luçiano Boçi
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The siege of the opposition that is being prepared in the parliament hall by the Guard of the Republic is the last military act of the attempt to eliminate it.

So the effort is as frustrating as it is ugly. Rama eventually seeks to transform himself into a political killer of the democratic system.

And here nothing is accidental.

"Opposition encirclement" is a well-known political phenomenon, which refers to the challenging situation faced by opposition political parties in a democratic society.

This is an issue of specific importance as it directly affects the functioning of a democratic system and the balance of power within a country.

This siege to eliminate it has been invested and prepared here in Albania for a long time.

To get to the military siege, many other sieges happened step by step.

A fundamental type of siege facing the opposition today is limited access to information and resources.

Rama and his ruling party control the media in many cases or have strong influence over it in others, resulting in biased reporting or censoring of dissenting voices.

Not only that, but the obstacles are absurdly extended in the Parliament, where the opposition has been denied the constitutional right to set up investigative commissions.

This is with the aim of limiting the ability and intention of the opposition to communicate its policies, vision and criticism of the government effectively and for it to play its role in the fight against corruption.

The other fence is the financial fence.

Rama and SP today have more financial resources at their disposal, allowing them to run expensive campaigns and initiatives that overshadow the opposition and its efforts. Not only that. Dirty money coming from concessions, corrupt affairs, fictitious public tenders and criminal ones are the main source of vote buying and stealing.

Moreover, the opposition has faced legal obstacles that limit its activity.

This is another elimination round for the opposition.

This includes not only the issue of her legal status but also discriminatory legislation that limits their freedom of speech, assembly, or association and the rejection of the constitutional court's decision on assembly by the majority.

The Albanian government has openly manipulated the legal framework and structure to hit the leader of the opposition with false accusations, aiming to prevent or prevent him from participating in the elections.

These siege tactics aim to weaken the opposition's ability to challenge the government and undermine the principles of democracy.

Another obstacle facing the opposition is the lack of institutional support.

Rama's ruling party has absolute control over key state institutions such as the judiciary and electoral bodies. This creates an uneven playing field where opposition claims of electoral fraud, or malpractice, are unlikely to be seriously examined, as they have been.

Consequently, this has weakened public confidence in the democratic process and put the opposition in a difficult position.

The justice system has turned into a political scapegoat through which Rama seeks under the smoke to hit the leader of the opposition with false accusations.

As a result, this encirclement of the opposition has important implications for the functioning of a democratic system.

Democracy thrives on open debate, the contestation of ideas, and the ability to hold government accountable.

When the opposition is targeted to be marginalized or silenced or worse eliminated these pillars of democracy are weakened, compromising the balance of power leading to monstrous abuses and corruption.

Moreover, the attempt to eliminate the opposition can lead to the elimination of alternative policies and perspectives, hindering the development and progress of a nation.

To address the siege of the opposition, there are several possible solutions. Solutions to be part of elementary political manuals.

It seems strange how these do not work in Albania.

First, international organizations and democratic states must play an equal role, insisting on behalf of the role they have, for fair and inclusive political environments.

Diplomatic pressure and targeted sanctions should be applied to discourage Rama's government in its attempt to eliminate the opposition and violate democratic principles.

It is essential to provide support and assistance to the opposition, especially in terms of resources and capacity building, to level the playing field.

Something has begun to move but there is still reconciliation with evil.

In addition, civil society organizations, media and citizens play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and holding the government accountable. Public awareness campaigns, protests and rallies are what will highlight the opposition's focus and foster solidarity.

It is important that in such a situation citizens actively participate in the political and protest processes and oppose any attempt to silence or eliminate the opposition.

In conclusion, the encirclement of the opposition is a serious challenge to democracy that threatens its core principles and values.

However, through parliamentary struggle, irrevocable protests, international pressure, domestic activism and institutional reforms, the siege can be lifted, ensuring a vibrant and healthy democratic system, where the opposition plays a crucial role in providing alternative visions and maintaining responsible government.

Siege always results in war.

It establishes democratic peace! / CNA

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