Shengjin beach as a parking lot for Italian asylum seekers!

2023-11-06 20:49:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
Shengjin beach as a parking lot for Italian asylum seekers!
Lutfi Dervishi

The mystery that accompanied Prime Minister Rama's second visit to Italy in a month disappeared.

The Albanian delegation, which included the foreign, interior and defense ministers, returned to Tirana with a big surprise for the Italian public: illegal immigrants who want to go to Italy will be treated on the beach of Shengjin.

Illegal immigration - this headache for Western governments will now face no less than the Albanian government, which faces the opposite phenomenon: the departure of Albanians from the country.

While the Albanian people expected from this mystery visit to Rome - the keeping of a promise (which was in the last steps) for pensions, now they should be satisfied that Albania is taking responsibility as a member of the EU.

As if the Afghan refugees, who are still in Shengjin, were not enough, as if the Mujahedin in Mzez were not enough, now we have to deal with the African or Asian migratory flows that go to Italy.

And flows can reach up to 36 thousand people in a month!

And this great sihariq appears as if a special honor is being done to Albania. Under normal conditions and seeing who benefits and who bears the burden, the Italian prime minister should come to Tirana and sign, after the Albanian prime minister has notified the Parliament or the public of the decision to deal with migratory flows.

Albania owes a lot to Italy, especially after the 90s, but that doesn't mean you should spread the blanket over your feet.

No one guarantees that with the arrival of refugees in Shengjin, we will not have the return of boats or an increase in criminality in the area.

The arrogance and personalization of the government until now appeared in the Parliament, while today in decisions that have consequences for the country.

And surprisingly, the first news continues to remain: the crossing of the railings in the Parliament building by the opposition MPs and not the treatment of illegal immigrants from third countries in Shengjin.

That's why Meloni (melon) has its tail behind.

Shengjin beach as a parking lot for Italian asylum seekers!

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