Quarrel in Parliament / Andi Bushati: Who raised his fist first?

2023-10-30 22:23:00, Opinione CNA

Quarrel in Parliament / Andi Bushati: Who raised his fist first?

The fist fight, today in parliament, has been interpreted in diametrically opposite ways by the parties involved in it. On the one hand, the government and its supporters have described it as an attempt at radicalization by Berisha, to protect his personal interests and those of his family members hit by SPAK.

On the other hand, for PD, this is simply a self-defense reaction to the mechanism of suppression of any kind of right that belongs to the opposition by law and constitution. If you weigh both versions, it is not difficult to reach a conclusion. At first sight, it seems as if the argument against Berisha is logical. In a situation, when he is being really affected by justice for the first time, in conditions where the financial benefits of the people close to him are being thoroughly examined, what would interest him is the chaos demonstrated through the exercise of force. But this logic seems like that only on the surface, since concretely things are much different. First, the Democrats' rebellion dates back to before the judiciary announced its crackdown on the opposition leader.

So the clashes in the parliament started on October 19 and they were followed by the expulsion from the assembly of two dozen democratic deputies. However, the most essential is not the time alibi, but the real essence of the opposition rebellion. If we carefully observe the recent events in the parliament, we can see three great sins by the Renaissance majority. First, with their votes, the socialists are trying to determine who should represent the DP in the assembly. Secondly, they are denying nearly 50 democratic deputies the right to choose their representatives in the electoral reform commission. And thirdly, they are violating the constitution with both feet, depriving the minority of the right to set up commissions of inquiry.

Let's take two illustrative examples to better understand what is happening. DP MPs have failed to set up parliamentary investigative commissions for concessions in health, for the conflict of interest in strategic investments of the Xhaçka type, for the claim of data theft of the TIMS system, for the charter trips of Edi Rama, etc. Yes, let's stop at the last one. The opposition claims that the prime minister has spent over 20 million euros traveling as the sultan of an oil-bearing country with his personal plane. On the other hand, Edi Rama claims that he saved the budget with this method, spending much less than during the Beisha administration. Now does the public have the right to find out who is lying and who is telling the truth? Are we worthy as a people to have transparency on our common money? Should parliament exercise control over government luxury spending?

This is what the opposition is asking for and this is what it is being denied.

Another hot potato is which one will be represented in the electoral reform, Berisha's group, with 43 MPs or Basha's with 7-8. Socialists claim to keep Luli as a valuable asset for them, using as justification, that the seal still belongs to him. And they say, electoral reforms are not done by the deputies, but by the main parties in power and opposition. But even here they are simply deceiving, because previously the names of the members of the Investigative Committee have always been decided by the parliamentary group. Who remembers the time when the opposition burned the mandates, that is, when the PD was outside the assembly for the constitutional changes, an extra-parliamentary mechanism was set up between the parties, such as the Political Table, but the commission with fake deputies continued to function in the assembly. So even the recent past demolishes the thesis that the socialists are trying to use as an alibi now.

The devil that hides in these details highlights the main purpose of what is happening recently. It is a clear strategy to lower the head and undo the opposition by stripping it of the few opportunities that the system gives it. The rebellion and raising of tension by the DP deputies has this frustration at its genesis. Therefore, presenting the issue as if this is being done for Berisha's personal calculations is more of a thesis that will avoid the essence. Of course, Berisha, just like everyone, is not free from personal problems and goals, but in this case, even if he has such, it happened that they coincide with the interests of the opposition. Because, unfortunately, due to lack of strength or self-confidence, it is not he who is radicalizing the opposition, but its deputies who are defending themselves from the regime's successive punches.

Quarrel in Parliament / Andi Bushati: Who raised his fist first?

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