Gold medal of Argita/ By Agim Xhafka

2023-10-31 19:40:00, Opinione CNA
Gold medal of Argita/ By Agim Xhafka
Argita Malltezi

I also watched Argita Malltez's interview on Top-Channel yesterday. While on the screen the lady was giving answers to the questions that were being asked, I was shaking my head. I approved of that ie.

At that moment, E Top seemed more cured. Brighter, cleaner, more exciting. As the camera brought in shots of Argita and her gesticulations, with measured hand movements, I shook my head.

That is, I agreed with everything she articulated.

- Why are you shaking your head, man? - the woman asked me.

-Because he attracts me with every word he says.

-That's when I turned up the TV, because it's silent, she told me and laughed.

I knew I had the TV on mute, but I didn't turn it on. With the sound off, I left. I will read the interview tomorrow, I said to myself. Yes, the posture, seriousness, appearance, colors, gestures, clothing spoke silently about a lady. I thought the same after reading her answers. I was left with good impressions.

I was actually a little annoyed. Where? To the part where Argita said that he will not be part of politics. I expected him to accept.

Maybe time can change his mind. Since he passed the Top-Channel competition, he won it with a gold medal. And since the media today was buzzing about a triumph of hers. We can only hope for a positive decision. They don't say for nothing, hope dies last.

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