What prevented Argita Malltez from announcing a conference?

2023-10-31 18:27:00, Opinione Bejdo Malo
What prevented Argita Malltez from announcing a conference?
Argita Malltezi

I hope that Argita Malltezi will appear on Report TV tonight

They don't say it for nothing. Balo, when he is tired, goes to work near the mosque.

When I opened the newspapers this morning, I saw that the honorable Argida Malltezi had confessed about her whole life and about the file of the former Partizani complex, to Top Canal. It took me about 10 minutes to gather myself. I said it wasn't one of those "Antena within the family" of Tema Newspaper.

I went from one newspaper to another, from one portal to another, and surprisingly it was more than true. I was shocked.

What prevented Argida Malltez from announcing a press conference in one of the halls on the 15th floor. They would have killed all the televisions, newspapers and all the journalists of the portals. But no. In fact Top Canal was politically dead. Argida Malltezi woke him up last night. Well done.

Madame Pompidou's show was boiled down to a failed priest, a failed lawyer and some other media parrots. My family is persecuted and it is never imagined to open TV on the Top Canal channel. It's even worse that her family used to call her the TV of the mud... and so on.

What happened, PD members, what happened, followers and supporters, we don't leave questions unasked and remain unanswered.

Only Argida and Mrs. Popmpidu know. Side by side, one Hysen Gurra issues 11 points and says that Argida destroyed the TOP CANAL black chronicle file and analysts. Stay, dear Hysen. I don't know how Çim Peka felt, I don't know how Blendi Fevziu felt when they saw him last night at Grida.

It's not worth it to brag any more. We got here in vain, who look at us like black sheep on the street because we defend Berisha and his cause. Let Argida complete the mosaic today, it would be good to appear on Report tv. I'm very fond of father Tomorr, believe me.

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