Power goes online/ It is not COVID-19 that has taken over, but the ten-year-old virus.

2023-11-06 14:36:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra
Power goes online/ It is not COVID-19 that has taken over, but the ten-year-old
Journalist Hysni Gurra

Today, the majority resembles a patient who refuses to be treated, refuses examinations and goes online to carry out political and constitutional activity as if it were in a state of emergency.

Everyone remembers the 2-year period of online meetings and work of state and private institutions during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Such images have returned again in the last two weeks with the Parliament.

The patient's resistance to seeing the doctor is well known. The thief's resistance to investigation is the same.

This is happening with the socialist majority, refusing to be investigated according to a protocol well defined by the Constitution of the Republic.

Why this chaos and online meetings of parliamentary committees?

The Albanian opposition has long been demanding a constitutional right, the establishment of parliamentary investigative commissions to investigate the government's activities. The most normal and legitimate thing in the world.

But the government, immersed in corruption up to the throat, is behaving like a patient who refuses examination.

The reasons are neither legal nor logical, they are just sheer force of cards and brutality that comes from numbers.

To understand the citizens, what does the government not accept?

Refuses to let parliament investigate their tax evasion:

He refuses to investigate the Becchetti case and let the citizens understand that because of the arbitrariness of the government, more precisely, because of the pleasure of Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj, the citizens must pay millions of euros according to the decision of the International Arbitration Court.

The majority refuses to investigate the strategic investors connected to the power that have looted the south coast. More simply, they refuse to investigate the theft of properties on the coast by Olta Xhaçka and her husband, among other things.

Mazhorana refuses to investigate the robbery of the Port of Durrës to give the thousand-year wealth of Albanians to an Arab investor in a suspicious manner. Thus, if the Albanians lose the port, one of the oldest in the Mediterranean and the world, they will pay money to build the new port, despite the deception that the government said that the Albanians will not pay for the new port.

Mazhoranca refuses to tell Albanians how much money their prime minister pays for private jet trips around the world, which is millions of euros.

Mazhoranca does not accept that Albanians learn the dirt that their prime minister has done with the senior FBI agent, McGonigal.

The majority does not accept the parliamentary commission for the data of the TIMS system, which it has stolen in broad daylight. He does not accept because they are the data of the Albanians and he does not want to find out why he robbed them.

Mazhoranca also does not accept that Albanians learn why they do not receive free health care, as they were promised. Why do they not receive quality services in the public hospital? Because if the commission is established, the Albanians will understand that they have been robbed of billions of lek from taxes to set up a mafia scheme of theft in public hospitals in Rama-Beqaj and Manastirliu.

These are also the reasons why the majority resists being examined as a non-cooperative patient, as they are afraid that everyone will find out that they have cancer. It is with malignant cancer that has invaded every cell of it, corruption. That's why it's important to do online meetings as if we were in the time of a global pandemic.

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