Deal in the dark…

2023-11-07 12:57:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
Deal in the dark…
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

An agreement to receive immigrants from third countries in Shengjin raises questions about the process that brought us to the situation where the unimaginable becomes inevitable, more than the lack of transparency.

Was there a process for this arrangement?

Were they aware, at least, of the Foreign Ministries of the two countries, or did they, like everyone else, get the news from the "live" broadcast on "Facebook"?

Is this agreement only the fruit of the staffs of the two prime ministers?

An agreement in the dark even without suspicious elements raises paranoia! For such a delicate matter, you cannot claim total transparency, but the opposition must be aware and the least that the public opinion must know is some basic information to have clarity.

What interest does Albania have in this agreement? 

If it is a question of returning the debt for the aid that Italy has given to Albania and the Albanians, especially after 1990 and until today, this debt will not be repaid no matter what we do! But here it is not just about debt repayment, but also about the impacts and implications of this agreement.

Rushing to do what no one else does, but only WE, has not worked out for us. On the contrary.

No country on the continent accepted the Mujahideen, and with a turd like that athlete in front of the finish line, we took them all. We saw their fight in an unimaginable way. The bill for the damage created due to their activity and the clash with Iran is incalculable. The digital state built with so many millions ended up in the pocket of the Iranian guards.

Even for the Afghan refugees, we rushed to be the only ones who take them all. Fortunately, this operation turned out to be more positive, but it cannot be called "mission completed". It was said that they will be temporary and some are to this day and can last a lifetime. No problem, but…

Why this rush to take on a burden that our knees may not support?

Albania does not excel in the management of migratory flows. The maximum capacity we can handle is 450 beds.

Albania is not yet a state governed by the law, and institutional capacities leave much to be desired at best.

More than a matter of capacity and the evocation of faith and traditional Albanian hospitality, we have another PPP - (the problem of personal protagonism) of the Prime Minister.

What is clear these 10 years is that the Prime Minister confuses or superimposes personal friendships with state interest. It is enough to remember the overlapping of the interest of the country/nation with personal friendships with Vucic, Erdogan and recently with Meloni.

Why does the Prime Minister make such unpopular decisions with political costs?

In the conditions of the destruction of the opposition, the dulling of the media with voracious conversations from morning to dinner and the numbing of public opinion, the Prime Minister resembles the traveler who "finds a village without a dog and wanders without a stick".

If there will be protests for this agreement, we expect them from Italy.

And it seems that the Prime Minister's political end will not come from the confrontation with the opposition, but from his personal whims, such as the case of Shengjin being turned into a parking lot for immigrants from Africa and Asia!

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