By Andi Bushati/ The boomerang of the head that Rama made to Meloni

2023-11-18 17:33:00, Opinione Andi Bushati
By Andi Bushati/ The boomerang of the head that Rama made to Meloni
Analyst Andi Bushati

One of the weighty current affairs programs on the opposite coast, "Piazza Pulita", on La7 television, had brought the cameras to Shengjin, Gjadër and Tirana, in a report devoted to the Rama-Meloni agreement. Although in the editorial policies of this television, which leans from the left center, there is a great place of criticism towards the extremist ideology of the "brothers" of Georgia Meloni, what caught the eye, in the prepared material, was something borderline of the lack of basic journalistic professionalism.

No one could be heard there who was in favor of the protocol signed between the two prime ministers. In contrast, the chorus of "anti" voices had no reason. A fisherman from Shengjin and a citizen from Lezha declared that they did not like the arrival of African refugees. Rarely even in these times, considerable space was given to the leader non grata of the opposition to express his reservations about the legality of the pact.

So, to put it briefly, "Migranti, accordo Meloni-Rama: il reportage dall'Albania", was a critical look. And this is not the first time this has happened. Since November 6, the media across the Adriatic have been filled with similar headlines: "A Guantanamo in Albania". "A breach of EU immigration laws". "Contract for the importation of human beings". Edi Rama has been described as a charlatan of the left who, for his own personal interests, goes so far as to become an accomplice with the extreme right.

The Italian allies, in the European Socialist Parties, even imagined the request for the exclusion of the party headed by him. While human rights protection organizations have raised questions regarding the guarantees given by Albania as a safe place for the right of asylum.

So, if a preliminary balance is made, of the echo that has had, these two weeks, the protocol that Edi Rama signed simply to gain more international support for himself, it turns out to be more negative. Rama wanted to give an unforgettable speech to Melon, but with him he threw the spotlight on himself and his regime from the opponents of this agreement.

Even, ironically, even those personalities of the Italian right, who are in favor of the behavior of clandestine immigrants here, have as their main argument something that does us no honor at all: the fact that this is done to discourage those who are ready to cross the Mediterranean: "You are putting your head in danger to end up in Albania" - Meloni's supporters repeat in the Italian media.

This different perspective of seeing Albania, this critical approach to the Rama government and the way it behaves, can become much stronger, if indeed the refugee camps will be set up one day in Gjadër. If this anti-immigration propaganda movement manages to pass the filters of overseas institutions and justice, i.e. if it ends up in Shengjin, together with the first African asylum seekers, a multitude of human rights organizations will land on our shores. left-wing militants, politicians opposed to extremist and xenophobic approaches.

Of course they will do it to put their convictions into practice, to protect immigrants and the values ??they believe in. But along with this, they will also be vigilant towards the country that made the agreement possible, donating a part of its sovereignty to Italy. They will notice a pyramidal state, run in an autocratic manner, institutions that obey orders and not the law, Bashibozuk policemen that collaborate with traffickers, etc.

Their lobbies are strong and the media penetration is strong, so it will not be surprising that the wave of criticism that arose after the signing of the agreement in Palazzo Chigi will multiply.

Without being naive or idealistic, their goal will be to protect the causes they are committed to and not to denounce the Albanian reality. But the latter can easily flow as a collateral effect of the former. And so it may happen that those who will land in the port of Shengjin, as defenders of immigrants, will also become the breakers of the consensual silence that reigns in the west, for the Tirana regime.

That's why Rama's interest in Meloni can backfire, first for him, in a boomerang. He really started it as a movement to make himself the prime minister of a large country, but with him he turned into opponents all the critics, rivals and enemies of Meloni's post-fascist philosophy. Therefore, if one day there will be refugee camps in Albania, no matter how problematic this may be, it will probably automatically arouse even more interest in the lame Albanian democracy.

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