How were millions of euros appropriated for the Tirana incinerator contract?

2023-11-16 22:13:54, Opinione Ola Xama

How were millions of euros appropriated for the Tirana incinerator contract?

The mysteries of the shareholders of the offshore company Geogenix were solved. Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri are the real owners of the Tirana incinerator. Since the start of the implementation of the contract and until the moment of seizure, the state has paid 56.2 million euros for the concession.

Of these, 39.2 million euros were benefited by the companies linked to the Zoto-Mërtiri duo, 'ITS', 'Zoto Consulting' and the fictitious companies that were opened in the name of some individuals whose identity was stolen.

Another part of the money that went to the Geogenix company, then circulated in two bank accounts, one in Switzerland and the other in Bulgaria. Mërtiri and Zoto carried out transactions from the Netherlands to other countries using the accounts of the Geogenix company as an umbrella.

The decisions were directed by the two of them, while the firms appoint Dutch citizens, apparently important managers, but in fact the investigation has revealed that the agreement between them and the Albanian owners was based on a monthly salary of 1500 euros, to go to a consulting office some once a month and to sign.

The investigation found that there is no incinerator and that Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri had no money to build it and why they had benefited tens of millions. For several years, they were looking for a financier who would give the value of 100 million euros to build the facility.

Some Italians were found who claimed to be the owners, but who did not drop a single cent. The contract was to take and not to give and expect a return on the investment later, as in any normal business.

In the equation of the investigation, the Special Prosecutor's Office has not revealed the main unknown: there is no incinerator, money from the state budget was given in the amount of approximately 60 million euros and 40 million euros from the builders for the deposit of soil.

A part went to the accounts of the owners' companies (Zoto and Mërtiri), and a part to foreign accounts. How much money was found in these accounts and was it seized or was it empty? If they were empty, in whose pockets did they end up?

Is there any other official responsible for this affair, with the exception of Alqi Bllakos, who was found to have paid 120,000 euros to his father's company? All the contract of the incinerator of Tirana, the decisions of the commission, the financing, the lack of monitoring, the insistence to pay people who were wanted, he did it from the cell?

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