Immigrants, the wrong "debate".

2023-11-10 18:46:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
Immigrants, the wrong "debate".
Edi Rama and Giorgia Meloni

Doesn't the pro/con question apply? But WHY and What?

The question whether you are for or against the arrival of immigrants in Albania is a wrong question.

By evoking the fact that we are a migratory people and the hospitality, loyalty and debts of Albanians, we are simply avoiding the essence of the problem.

Albania, with the agreement that Italy handles 36 thousand requests of immigrants caught at sea every year in Shengjin and Gjadër - is not only not welcoming them, but is hitting the unfortunate ones.

The emigrants did not cross the sea on foot because they burned themselves to come to Albania. They want to arrive in the countries of the European Union.

 What is Albania doing - it is giving territory for the establishment of a camp with a capacity of 3000 places and is offering police/health assistance in case of any unaffordable problems inside the camps.

Migrants who are caught at sea will have an additional trip to Shengjin e Gjadër, before returning to Italy. 

Albania is serving not as a host, but as a spectator! The message for immigrants: "we will send them to Albania!"

This message does not help the immigrants, nor Shengjini and Gjadri, nor the image of the country.

If we really had the concern of immigrants or the "racism" of social networks, the question is: if a wave of immigrants comes to Albania, - how many capacities do we have to welcome them and open our doors and treat them in the best possible way? human? The number of beds available is only 450! Last year, 11,216 illegal immigrants were caught by the police in Albanian territory. The number of those who sought asylum does not exceed both figures. Immigrants do not see Albania as a destination country, but as a springboard to move to EU countries.

Albania is still far from the day to prove how tolerant and welcoming it is to refugees. At the moment, the challenge is "the removal of Albanians from Albania", the removal of professionals and the middle class. That's why the accusing question does not make sense: are you for or against immigrants? Where would we find them to stay in Albania because we really need them.

What impresses you is that in the midst of trouble, government lawyers with and without government pay have the laudable courage not only to say in the public eye that black is white, but to list "arguments" and "facts" as well. from everyday life and history that we should welcome immigrants and not be on the opposite side of history!

For the government lawyers: we are not helping immigrants, but Italy, the third economic power in the EU, with 58 million and 851 thousand inhabitants and with an area of ??301 thousand and 263 km2

It's the case that you don't know what to do: cry or laugh?/ CNA

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